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It’s Crypto Sale 2021 time! What does this mean? Well, by using cryptocurrencies as your payment option during the Crypto Sale you can spend less and get excellent quality games. Exciting, isn’t it?

But maybe you’re wondering what are some of the games that you can buy on Indiegala at affordable prices, taking advantage of the Crypto Sale 2021. Here comes your friendly neighborhood Italian Gun to your rescue! Below you will find a selection of high-quality video games that you can buy at very low prices. Are you ready to discover them? Then keep reading my post.

Crypto Sale 2021: is it worth buying with cryptocurrencies?

I want to clear your head before I go over the list of recommended games. Maybe you wonder if it’s worth spending your money during the Crypto Sale 2021 period. The answer is simple: yes.

Why? Because only in this way you can receive up to an extra discount of 30% on the selected titles. In a nutshell, if you want to renew your virtual collection this is an opportunity you have to seize.

I think everything is clearer now, right? Well, you just have to find out which games to buy!

Resident Evil Village Pre-Order: are you ready to be scared again?

Resident Evil Pre-order during Crypto Sale 2021

Okay, one name is enough to get you to pre-order this game, Lady Dimitrescu. I mean, where can you find a title that features a giant female vampire among the characters who wants to suck your…blood? Seriously, Resident Evil Village looks like one of the best games of 2021. Not surprisingly, I put it on the list of the most anticipated PC games this year.

The gloomy atmosphere of horror movies will drive those who love the saga mad. Also, I’m sure Capcom will have pulled out a fascinating and engaging story after the disappointment of RE 3 Remake.

If you want to book it, you can do it here in our store. Hey, you can save extra with the Crypto Sale of 2021, what are you waiting for to click on the pre-order button?!

Metro: Exodus, a good FPS for those who love dystopia

Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a game that has always fascinated me. It is the third chapter of the saga from the books of the Russian writer Dmitry Gluchovsky. In my opinion, this is the most mature chapter of the franchise, which brings the saga to enter the Olympus of video games. In addition to the classic horror atmosphere and stealth mechanics, you will also find improvements in terms of fluidity and movement.

Do you want proof? Take a look at the trailer.

Did I get your attention? Then keep trusting me and my colleague Suzana’s Steam review, and buy Metro Exodus now at a reduced price.

Tyranny: be the bad guy, it’s right

Tyranny: a fantastic RPG Crypto Sale 2021

I LOVE Tyranny. This game allows you to do what other games do not: be the bad guy. In fact, in this RPG the bad guys have won and tyranny (heh!) reigns supreme. With your actions, you can decide the fate of hundreds of people. Will you unleash brute force or use evil cunning to subdue your enemies?

It all depends on you and your desire to be evil. If you are curious to find out more, I invite you to read my review. And then, if you want to try it, buy it with cryptocurrencies on our store. Maybe treat yourself and even go for the Gold/Deluxe Editions.

Journey To The Savage Planet: it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but someone has to do it

Journey to savage planet during Crypto Sale 2021

Journey To The Savage Planet is a colorful, lively, and fun game. A wonderful space adventure, as I said in the review about it. Well, do not be fooled by the colors too strong. This is not a children’s game. Sure, it’ll amuse you with funny moments and comic gags, but it’s a challenging game.

Besides, I enjoyed the longevity of the game. If you explore the fanciful worlds of the game, this title will last a long time. Exploration is a key factor to appreciate this work published by 505 Games.

Do you love science fiction and sarcasm? Then choose this game! It is now available for Steam!

ICBM: nuclear war has never been easier

ICBM Crypto Sale 2021

Do you like to destroy, exterminate, and annihilate? Good, you’re not a crazy maniac, you’re just a typical ICBM player! In this game, you will have to take command of a continent and prepare for an imminent nuclear war. The strategy is everything: only if you are smarter than your political opponents will you win.

Sure, in my opinion, Europa Universalis IV remains the best strategy game ever made, but ICBM has all the features to be considered a masterpiece. Don’t you believe me? I suggest you try it. Only in this way can you let me know your opinion. You’ll see, you’ll agree with me *blink*.

Crypto Sale 2021: Stirring Abyss

Stirring Abyss Crypto Sale 2021

Stirring Abyss is a survival game. It is a particular RPG: in this title having a strong team spirit is essential. You will lead a team of USS Salem military survivors, a submarine sunk during a secret mission. You’re gonna have to find a way to save these unfortunate soldiers’ lives.

Plus, you’ll find that swimming in the deep will not be a walk in the park like in ABZU. A dark horror lurks in the depths of the sea and you will have to face it if you want to live.

I leave here the trailer of the game, so you can get an idea about it. Then, if you want to try it you know where you have to click.

Main Assembly: a casual but interesting game

Main Assembly New Release Crypto Sale 2021

Every once in a while, you need games that can turn off your brain. That’s right, I mean those games like Among Us that can keep you entertained without requiring too much effort. Main Assembly falls into this category.

In this game published by Team 17, you will have to unleash your creativity. The goal is to create robots of any shape, able to travel in the game world, and overcome obstacles. Of course, you must obey the laws of physics, but the result can be extravagant and fascinating. Give Main Assembly a chance, you won’t regret it! It just left Early Access and released in version 1.0.

Dead Cells The Fatal Seeds Bundle: roguelike and action

Dead Cells

Are you looking for a badass roguevania? Well, I recommend Dead Cells. This title struck me for its gameplay, varied and never repetitive. Furthermore, the game is also quite hard and will test your patience.

You are interested in the game and want to find out more about it I recommend you read my mini-review. I suggest you buy Dead Cells: The Fatal Seed Bundle. Trust me, it’s the most complete edition, it contains exclusive content worth trying out.

Moreover, you can save on this edition during the Crypto Sale 2021 period. I mean, this is a quality game and you can get it at a ridiculous price, so add it to your virtual library.

Crypto Sale 2021: do you have any other options?

These are my suggestions for Crypto Sale 2021. Do you agree with them? Let me know your opinion on these titles that I recommended.

Finally, if you have other tips, don’t be afraid. Compare your opinion with other users and express your thoughts on the article. The community will appreciate your intervention and we could consider other opportunities not to be missed.

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