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Today I want to talk about the game of the moment: that’s why I decided to make a review about Among Us! Surely you have seen screenshots or even memes of this game. In recent weeks its popularity has skyrocketed, however now it slowly started to die down. This seemingly simple game, it freaked the whole world out! Why is this title getting great success? Let’s find out together.

…What? You’ve never heard of Among Us? Well, in this case, I still invite you to continue reading to discover the basic features of this little masterpiece.

Among us review: what’s the game about?

Among us review: what's about?

First, I want to explain what’s Among Us. You’re with ten other people on a spaceship isolated from the rest of humanity. All you have to do is complete some tasks that will allow you to save yourself and your crew. But save yourself from who or what? Well, by two or more impostors who are among us!

As you can guess the premise of the game is very exciting. Also, this may be the first time I admit to enjoying a multiplayer game. Well, if you exclude my review on PUBG, this is the first time I appreciate a game that is based on the online multiplayer experience.

But how this fascinating premise turns into gameplay? We continue to find out together in the review of Among Us!

Gameplay so simple yet so complex

The gameplay

The game is very simple. On the one hand, some crewmates have to complete their tasks. The latter are small mini-games such as connecting different wires or pressing a button with the right timing. You will do them easily in a couple of minutes. However, it is the quantity here that can be a problem. Many tasks are divided into several stages that will take you to navigate between the various areas of the game map.

On the other side are the impostors. Their task will be to kill the crew members. Of course, they will have to do it subtly, without being discovered by others. To divert attention, impostors will also have the ability to sabotage certain areas of the map and create emergencies.

Crewmates can win by completing all tasks or discovering impostors and throwing them into space. Whenever a body is discovered there will be a meeting where you can compare with others through the game chat. Plus, if you have suspicions about a person you may request an emergency meeting. At the end of each meeting, you can decide whether to delete a player with a vote or not to vote. The character with the most votes is eliminated from the game.

At the same time, if the impostors manage to kill at least six crewmates, they will have won. Each game will be extremely balanced, also because the killers will have to wait for a timer before making a new kill.

That’s it. Yes, this is broadly the full gameplay. But then why has involved so many people? Well, it’s time to analyze the formula of its success.

Among us review: an unexpected but deserved success?

Among Us review: an unexpected success

The killers are among us. They can be anyone, even the friend you had at your side. At each game, impostors are random. This fuels a climate of terror and suspicion. Believe me, every time I play Among Us I feel like the misadventures of the protagonists of the movie “The Thing“. In my opinion, this atmosphere of constant terror is one of the reasons behind the success of Among Us.

This condition involves you completely and makes you feel an integral part of the game. Like a new Sherlock Holmes, you will have to discover the impostors and that will be compelling. At the same time, if you are a villain, you will feel the thrill of covering your tracks and trying to kill everyone without being discovered.

Another reason for the success of Among Us that I want to analyze in this review is the cooperation between players. As mentioned earlier, during a game you will have to confront others by talking and conducting interviews. However, anyone could lie and be suspicious. This allows you to conduct a tense psychological game between players who through traps and pitfalls must find out who is telling the truth and who is lying! Is there anything more exciting than that? Well, I don’t think so!

Finally, the third reason that led to the success of this game is its simplicity. Anyone can learn to play Among Us after just a few games. The controls are minimal, the graphics pretty, and the map quite small. Even those who have never played video games can approach this fantastic world.

Mix the three reasons I mentioned above and you will get the game of the moment!

Tips for playing Among Us

Tasks are quite easy

Ultimately, I want to close this review of Among Us with some tips. I found it useful to follow these suggestions in my games, both as an impostor and as a crewmate.

The first advice I want to give you is to use a voice chat if you play with your friends in a private game. Sure, the messaging chat is useful but talking to defend yourself or accuse has a whole other flavor. Voice chat is an added value to the game. How can you create a voice chat? Well, I suggest you do as I did, creating a Discord channel with your friends. is very simple and allows you to mute or activate the microphone in a second.

Another piece of advice I want to give you is about the role of the impostor. If you’re the killer, remember that you don’t necessarily have to kill everyone. You can play smart, and through psychology, you can make other innocent people look suspicious. This way, you can sow doubt among the players and win by getting them eliminated without killing anyone!

The last advice is not to underestimate tasks. They are simple and you can do them without any problem. Even if you are dead, the game allows you to continue to complete the remaining goals. In this way, you can win your team and beat the impostors on time.

Now, all you have to do is try the game! Alternatively, if you are an Among Us player, share your advices with our community and express your opinion about the game!

Remember, everyone is sus!

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