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Our Crypto Sale had just begun folks. And it’s awesome. So, in honor of the fantasist sale, a Crypto TV Review is in order. The next installment of our promotional efforts for the February Crypto sale. I’ve already touched on several fantastic Cryptocurrency documentaries that you can indulge in. And yes, I will continue my efforts with television. Moreover, one particular TV series that I think didn’t get enough attention. Not that many people know about it, but I’m here to change all that. It’s an oldie but a damn goodie I feel. And yes, I’m talking about StartUp.

Crypto Sale VS Crypto TV Review

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Crypto TV Review

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Start Up

Why Crypto TV Review YOU Ask?

Well, to be perfectly honest, I won’t focus solely on the TV portion. Later this week I will get back to my beloved movies. But this time I will focus more on feature-length, motion pictures. Rather than on documentaries. But all in all, every aspect of the (fictional and real) portrayal of Cryptocurrency will be analyzed and respected here at IndieGala. However, let’s focus on StartUp in this particular post.

What About StartUp? What’s It All About?

Why does it fit here in this particular post you might ask? Well, because it involves Cryptocurrency, antiheroes and because it has some of my favorite actors in the cast. But let’s start from the start. StartUp is a product of Crackle. A free (yet relatively unknown video streaming platform) with largely eclectic original platforming. From Trenches and StartUp to Snatch and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The latter made a transfer to Netflix later on, but yeah. The inception was on Crackle. However, I’m here about StartUp. A drama series with a cast that’s… let’s put it mildly…. A mixed bag.

Martin Freeman

A Mixed Bag Of Actors

You have the star power of Martin Freeman, Adam Brody, Ron Perlman and later on the Oscar winner Mira Sorvino. And the presence of Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero added low-budget balance to the fairly expensive A-listers and Oscar winners. But that’s not to say that it’s a bad thing. For instance, Martin’s stint on this show started just a year after his stint on Fargo ended. His role in Fargo got him recognition, acclaim and awards outside the UK. Understandably wanted to capitalize on that. And to practice his American accent a bit more. 

But in essence, StartUp is about several shady characters looking for a better future. All thanks to a new immerging cryptocurrency. Andrew Talman (Carl Weintraub)’s shady business got him a hefty sum at his disposal. And he gives it to his son Nick (Adam Brody) for „safekeeping“. However, the corrupt FBI Agent Phil Rask (Martin Freeman) wants half of it to look the other way. And Nick is at crossroads. Should he protect his father’s dirty business ventures or should he invest the dirty money in something potentially good? Enter Izzy Morales (Otmara Marrero). A coder and child prodigy who’s actually the inventor of Gencoin (a Bitcoin-like cryptocurrency). But an unlikely business partner in this whole ordeal will become a Haitian gang member, Ronald Dacey (Edi Gathegi). And things will get a lot more complicated from there.

Crypto TV Review
Mira Sorvino

Why Is It A Hidden Gem?

Well because it’s a rather good TV show and sadly flew under the radar. And that’s beside the quality cast that it has. First and foremost it’s worth mentioning that 99% of the characters are shady, amoral, crooked and downright bad characters. Some of them have slight redeeming qualities, while some verge on the anti-hero trope. But yeah. There’s barely any likable character here and it’s interesting to witness.

Secondly, none of the main characters really scream „tech entrepreneurs“ and they’re acting as any of us would. If we’re presented with the same opportunity. With dollar bills in our eyes, greed in our corrupt mind. But the thing is… Almost all of the characters are not only layered but also flawed to almost a pathological degree. Let’s start with Phil. He’s a violent man with some unresolved issues. Add the corruption on top of that and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. But archetype, stereotypical as it may be, works here. And he makes the show a lot more interesting in the first 2 seasons.

And I must say, Nick, is probably one of the under-used characters in this show. Yes, we saw a shakeup in his narrative (arrest, a shift in career and more problems), but it’s not enough in my opinion. It’s too bad since I saw plenty of potential in this character.

Underlining Problems And Terrible Losses

The second season brings us a lot of horrible events for several of the characters (namely Izzie and Ronald), but also the birth of a new business venture. And the re-emerging of a very familiar and old enemy. But overall, I loved how you can see clear and even stylish influences on StartUp. Influences that you can immediately recognize. Michael Man’s sartorial work is evident right from the get-go, and there’s a hint of Mr. Robot in there. Especially in the character development. It’s subtle but you’ll be able to pick it up I’m sure. Underground crime is also an underlining topic throughout the entire TV show, and so is the depiction of minorities in the US.

Did StartUp Deserve A Lot More?

I think so yes. Especially because it has some stellar performances (Martin is my favorite) and some decent writing in there too. Not to mention it explored the idea of the workings of a startup on both sides of the (crypto)coin. The good and the bad. And the unpredictability (volatility) of it all. Especially in tech. But I wish the show focused more on the details of Cryptocurrency itself. A whole lot more. But, for what it is (some 3 years after the cancelation) it has a mix of drama and action. With plenty of great performances, it’s worth indulging. And yes, in my opinion, a hidden gem.

Crypto Sale: Inspiration For Out Crypto TV Review

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