ABZU is one of the games that fascinated me the most in the last period. It’s hot, I always want to go to the sea and I love diving: in short, three basic conditions that inspired me to adore this videogame.

But why was ABZU the favorite among so many games? Well, let’s find out together in my review of the game developed by Giant Squid (what a name!).

In a sea of emotions

The Sea of ABZU
Emotions and fishes, obviously

First, you need to understand what the setting of ABZU is. You are a diver and you are completely immersed in the seabed. You have the opportunity to explore the depths of the ocean, admiring the beauty and dangers of the latter. Wonderful, isn’t it?

If you love the sea, the premise of the game should send you into a frenzy. However, I advise you to try it even if you love exploration and have loved introspective and exciting games like To The Moon.

Regardless, you have to analyze the action of the game in detail to understand if the latter meets the expectations of its premise. So, let’s have a closer look at the gameplay.

ABZU and its gameplay: immersion and exploration

Sharks: are they friendly in the game?

The gameplay of ABZU is quite simple. As a diver, you will find yourself face to face with marine creatures. Your goal, however, will be to continue your “journey“, visiting magnificent places.

You’ll have enough freedom. I noticed how ABZU allows the player to independently explore the various areas, which are quite vast. Besides, I suggest you do it often during your gaming experience. This way you will not only increase the hours of gameplay but discover some delicious goodies to admire.

There are not many other actions to do. If you are looking for a complicated game with many characters, you have to try something else. Regardless, there are some “characters” in ABZU that will leave you speechless.

You will encounter impressive whales or spectacular sharks and have a sort of dialogue with them. In fact, with the controls, you can make different sounds and communicate with marine creatures or with some drones that you will encounter during the journey. In this way, you can also admire them in every detail.

I’m sure you’re wondering, “But how do you breathe underwater?” Well, this problem was solved by eliminating a possible oxygen rod. You can breathe underwater all the time of your adventure! You should consider ABZU not as a survival game, but as a pleasant experience that will take you to discover the beauty of the ocean and its inhabitants.

A sub-water dance

A submarine dance with ABZU

Another thing that struck me about the game is the fluidity of movements. It’s not about mechanical input that you’ll give to your character to move around in different areas. It is a real dance, with actions able to create a choreography that adapts to the setting in the background.

Not surprisingly, the protagonist of the game is not well defined, but I think it was a voluntary choice. This allows the character to blend in and “dance” with the environment. To tell you the truth, it reminded me a lot the 16-bit videogame heroes who gave us fabulous adventures in the past.

It took me some time to notice how the character’s movements were not random but were designed to give the player the exact feeling of dancing and gracefulness. When I realized, well, I have to say that it was a real plus for this little masterpiece and I’m sure you’ll like it too!

ABZU and the power of graphics

The stunning sea

How many times have I talked about the graphics of the games? Many times, I admit it. Sometimes I also seem to exaggerate. But with ABZU I have to make (yet another) exception.

The game has extraordinary magic. For this reason, I must compliment the developers. They did a great job. Each element has its design, perfect in every detail. Also, as in a puzzle of colors, everything is composed superbly. In short, it will be a joy for the eyes to play at ABZU!

Finally, I also want to mention the music of the game. It is a continuous symphony, with original melodies that will make you excited. Believe me, sometimes you’ll have to try to hold back your tears. If you’re sensitive, ABZU will be able to breach your heart.

You gonna try the game?

I suggest you try the game, a true work of gaming art. However, I would like to know your opinion on games like this. Do you prefer to try a similar experience or points on frantic and unbridled action? I’d like your comment on that.

If you want to buy the game, you will find it in our store at an extraordinary price. Take advantage now, you won’t regret it!

Immerse yourself with ABZU and experience the emotions that only a quality videogame can give you.

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