Journey to savage planet

Journey to Savage Planet is the kind of game that every sci-fi enthusiast should have in their collection. You have the opportunity to explore fantastic worlds, meet special creatures, and undertake exciting missions.

Well, I know this all sounds like The Outer Worlds, but believe me, it’s a different game. Of course, there is no lack of cynicism and irony, but it’s on levels more “light” than the videogame developed by Obsidian.

Regardless, now just linger on any similarities and follow me in the review of Journey to Savage Planet!

A good premise between plot and setting

Journey to Savage Planet: setting and plot

First, I want to focus on the plot premise of Journey to Savage Planet. Humanity is on the verge of collapse, the Earth is almost finished and inhospitable. For this reason, some people leave as colonists to conquer the new planet that may be the home of humanity.

That’s where you come in. Your character will find himself, after a non-exceptional landing on a savage planet! On ARY-26, this is the name of the mysterious planet, the vegetation seems lush and some plants are really beautiful to see. Also, you will be able to make friends with small and nice creatures. In short, there are all the pretexts for the human race to find its new home. Be careful though, the dangers are lurking around the corner!

I was very impressed with the setting of the game. After playing The Outer Worlds and other games like No Man’s Sky, I thought nothing would surprise me. Instead, Journey to Savage Planet has proven to be innovative and surprising from an environmental point of view.

I must admit that I also sincerely enjoyed the graphics of the game. Sure, don’t expect an incredible hyper-realism. Rather, I liked the almost cartoon style of the game. This enhances the casual atmosphere of the adventure and makes the game much more fun. My compliments to the developers of the Typhoon Studios team.

Journey to Savage Planet: a wild gameplay

A wild gameplay

What about the gameplay? Well, it’s an action-platformer mix. Just like that, Journey to Savage Planet manages to mix elements from classic platformers to others from pure FPS action. The result is very pleasant. The shootings are not the utmost as in the best FPS but all in all, they are enjoyable. Plus, who loves platformers like me, will notice a certain precision in the controls. Besides, in some areas, you will need to calculate your every action accurately and it will not be so easy. A great test for those who want a light but also challenging game.

Moreover, the difficulty level increases as you advance in the game. In the first areas, you will have to face a few enemies and follow rather simple main objectives. But the adventure then changes and you will have to choose which side missions to deal with and especially which upgrades to equip.

If you want advice, choose carefully gadgets and weapons. Some may look the same, but they can make a difference when facing flying enemies (bloody space octopuses!) and ferocious beasts. Ultimately, Journey to Savage Planet may look like a simple game, with minimal gameplay, instead, it is a complex and extensive action-adventure.

Irony, sarcasm, and much more!

Irony in Journey to Savage Planet

One of the strengths of Journey to Savage Planet is its sarcasm. Forget the serious and pedantic action of epic space games. Everything here is crazy and entertaining. Some situations are borderline ridiculous, they will be ironic and grotesque. Here too you can feel the influence of modern games like Watch Dogs 2. However, Journey to Savage Planet is never too stupid. Everything that happens goes perfectly with your adventure.

Believe me, you’re gonna love the comments of certain characters and the actions of bizarre creatures. If you want a crisp game that will turn your brain off and have fun, then Journey to Savage Planet is for you!

Journey to Savage Planet: exploring is the watchword!

Finally, I want to make a small mention of exploration. Despite the limited budget, the developers have included several biomes in the game, different and colorful, which you can explore with total freedom.

Take as much time as you want to wander around without a goal in the game, you can make resounding discoveries and accomplish interesting side missions. Just like in Monster Hunter: World, don’t be afraid to continue with the main mission, but enjoy your journey into this savage planet!

Ready for infinite space and unknown planets?

Journey to Savage Planet is not a masterpiece. There are some flaws and especially towards the end, it seems almost incomplete. Regardless, you should try it, because it is an underrated gem in today’s videogame world. If you have already tried the game, I would like to know your opinion about it. Comment and share it with our community!

Alternatively, try now Journey to Savage Planet, available on sale at a special price on our store.

Set off on your spaceship and examine the wild world that can save humanity! See you, space explorer!

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