Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is the latest in the Ace Attorney game series. However, it’s not our first time writing about this franchise. We already did a review of the 2012 Japanese comedy film, and well… You can read all about it here.

However, we’re all about Appolo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy in this particular article. The latest game in the series which got a wide release last month on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. Well, it’s a reason enough for us to promote it here at the IndieGala blog. So, without further ado…

What’s Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy All About You Might Ask?

Developed by Capcom and published by Capcom JP, Appolo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a visual novel adventure video game for the fan of true fans of Ace Attorney.

Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice’s Legal Journey Begins Anew!

Join rookie attorney Apollo Justice and his mentor, the legendary Phoenix Wright, in this collection of 3 games! This title features the 14 episodes of “Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney”, “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies”, and “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice”, and the 2 previously DLC-only Special Episodes for a total of 16 episodes!

This collection supports Japanese, English, French, German, Korean, and Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Mix and match to play in whichever languages you’d like! Immerse yourself in this beautiful collection as you shout “Objection!” in these newly renovated halls of justice!

Some of the contents of the games in this collection are presented as initially released to preserve the games as originally created. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is available for purchase here at Indie Gala. But if you’re after some older stuff from the series, then feel free to check out the other entries here. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is available for purchase here.

Apollo Justice

That’s Cool And All. But What are some of the Steam User Comments Saying About it?

  • Peak fiction. What else do you expect me to say? It’s peal fiction, what are you waiting for? buy it, play it, beat it, then play it again. Its peak says A in the Steam comment.
  • Love it! Finally got to experience more Ace Attorney games (never had the opportunity), and I love everything about this trilogy – the graphics are clean, the gameplay is fun, the characters are lovable (and hateable in the best way), etc. Adds Robbo on Steam.

And Which Are The Top 5 Games Of The Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney?

Well, every single one of us will have a different take on the matter, but there are some that are universally beloved. Here are the top 5 picks of the franchise.

5. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

Yes, let us start from the very beginning. With the game that started the whole franchise. While great, we feel it deserves to be in this particular spot. Yes, it introduced us to Phoenix Wright, but there are so many better entries in the franchise. Indeed, a team of seven developed the game over the course of ten months, but it ended up being a pillar for way more to come. The game has been cited as one of the greatest games ever made. A manga series premiered in 2006. Furthermore, a film adaptation of the game, titled Ace Attorney, premiered in 2012. And of course, an anime series adaptation aired in 2016. Not too shabby? We thought so too.

4. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All

If Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was the first installment in the series, then Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All is the second. And one in which story the follows Phoenix Wright, a defense attorney who defends his clients in four episodes. The game features a new rival character – Franziska, however, the critics and the audience thought that she was obnoxious. Furthermore, the game got plenty of praise for having a great dose of a mix of seriousness and comedy, along with plenty of great pacing in the conversations. It’s also a good game to check out.

3. The Great Ace Attorney: Adventures

Adventures is in fact, the ninth entry in the Ace Attorney series of video games. But at the same time, good enough to fit in the top 3 on our list. Unlike previous canonical games in the series, which are set in the near future and feature somewhat futuristic technology, Adventures is set near the end of Japan’s Meiji period. A time when the profession of “defense attorney” was still a fairly new concept in Japanese society. Therefore, the game stars Phoenix Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodōo. As well as a female judicial assistant named Susato Mikotoba. Although the game initially takes place in Japan, the two later travel to the United Kingdom and work cases alongside the renowned detective Herlock Sholmes. It brought something new and exciting to the table, and it’s worth the buy.

2. Ace Attorney Investigations 2

Speaking of different, here’s something very different. This particular game follows prosecutor Miles Edgeworth. A detective Dick Gumshoe and the teenage thief Kay Faraday. Both of them team up to investigate five cases; but at the same time, they face off against Judge Hakari Mikagami. A rival character who is part of a “prosecutor purge” that removes weaker prosecutors from duty. And they strive to make a difference pay off. On its initial release week, Ace Attorney Investigations 2 was the top-selling game in Japan across all platforms. Selling way more than 132,000 units. It’s great, but not quite for the number 1 spot. However, you should definitely check it out.

1. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations

Trials and Tribulations is the third game in the Ace Attorney series, following Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (2001) and Justice for All (2002). But at the same time, it’s probably the best game in the series. The story follows defense attorneys Phoenix Wright and Mia Fey, who defend their clients in five episodes. Because the dialogue-integrated tutorial in the first game had been well received, it was considered a major point for future games in the series. But yeah. It’s considered a triumph in the series, with many critics praising it as “a perfect storm of everything that makes graphic adventures work”. Which is why you should try it out. If you haven’t already.

What’s your take on The Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy?

And which game of the series is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

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