Code Vein on sale on indiegala!
DMC5 is a top notch stilysh masterpiece on sale on indiegala.

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In case you missed it, here are our reviews of games that went live yesterday and you can find reviews of some of the best games of day 1 here.

But as the sale goes on do does our quarantine ( sigh! ), and yet, here we are once again with new stuff today!

There are thousands of games in the Quarantine Sale currently on Indiegala, but that’s not all! You can get Knights of Pen and Paper as bonus, when spending more than $10

With no further ado, here we are with my favorite games of today…. ( at least, the ones that i played ;- )

Devil May Cry 5

devil may cry 5 only on indiegala
Devil May Cry 5 is a new definition of epicity.

If you are a long time fan of DMC like myself This is well worth picking up.

It’s true that little has changed from the last 4 games in terms of gameplay, story and effects. But that’s the beauty of the game.

It’s basically a hack and slash on steroid with stylish moves and fun, addictive gameplay that feels so good to get good at.

The story is interesting with appealing, cool characters. A must get for fans of similar games like the early god of war games, and Bayonetta and a perfect gateway for those interested in exploring these kinds of games.

Do yourself a favour, pick it up and have a blast.

9.1 A “hell” of a game

Pillars of Eternity – Definitive Edition

Pillars of Eternity - Definitive Edition deal on indiegala
Pillars of Eternity is a beautiful fantasy adventure.

When i was a boy I loved to read.

Then, going on, work, commitments of life and other things took me away from that old habit.

Premises: If you don’t like reading, don’t buy this game.
But If you are a lover of the fantasy genre and readers of hardened books / novels, then this game is for you.

Pillars of Eternity is a beautiful fantasy adventure.

It is not a simple video game but borders on literature with the river of words that describe every passage, every moment, every emotion felt.

A mature story and a coherent world, rich in details and multifaceted like the real one, inhabited by credible and memorable characters, will accompany you in the tens of hours of content.

For anyone who is a lover of fantasy reading or old school RPG, this is the game for you.

A truly memorable game that I recommend to everyone!

9/10 One of the best old school RPG ever made.

Code Vein – aka Anime Dark Souls

Code Vein Deal on indiegala
While Code Vein plays differently from Dark Souls, parts of it are clearly inspired by From Software’s game.

CodeVein is a very good action RPG inspired by Souls.

However, it does not play exactly the same and has its own twists to combat.

While not as fluid as recent Souls, the combat is solid. The anime look is intriguing and there is more emphasis on story that is interesting here.

It also has one of the best character creators I’ve ever seen, as well as interesting classes and mechanics. If you’re a Souls / Bloodborne fan or an anime fan I highly recommend it.

9/10  Anime Bloodborne?

But these are just some of the over 4000 games on sale today on IndieGala! If you like our reviews you find more here and also here. And the sale will still last until Sunday with new deals every day!

So Stay Safe, Stay at Home and play Good Games!

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