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A bearable isolation with a giveaway!

Quarantine Giveaway Banner

Closed shops, empty streets, locked doors. Just because the situation seems dire, it doesn’t mean we should be afraid. Some of you might be used to being indoor cats, others might not. We want to do our part and help out, in this time of need. We want to give you the chance to choose. That is why we want to offer you plenty of freebies, quizzes, giveaway options and other FREE activities to choose from.

Two days ago, we have launched the Quarantine Sale which offers one BONUS Steam game for anyone who spends at least 10$ in the store. We also prepared a new RPG indie bundle and plenty of Capcom Deals for such titles as Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and more. But that is only the beginning.

Capcom Resident Evil Dead Rising

Yesterday we launched a brand new FREEbie, a fun city building / balance physics game, that combines old school SimCity and Jenga. As well as plenty of Bandai Namco deals for such titles as Code Vein, Dark Souls, Tekken 7 and just like in the first day, a few mini-recommendations.

Bandai Code Vein My Hero Academia Justice

But this isn’t everything. Our biggest giveaway yet is starting today!

Be one of the 100 lucky giveaway winners to win one of the $20 GalaCredit Prizes.


What can you do with the said GalaCredit? Almost anything! Galacredits can have a nearly universal use: bundles, store games, GalaSilver for GiveawaysAuctionsMassive Gameplay Giveaway…and even a bit of fleeting joy (the last one is not 100% guaranteed, but you are welcomed to try). Learn more about it in our FAQ.

Don’t forget to be on a lookout this week. We are currently working from home to bring you even more special opportunities. Feel free to share with us and the community about your experience with the quarantine so far. Are you eating well, drinking enough liquids, doing some exercise, washing your hands? Things will get better.

Stay Inside, Stay Safe and Enjoy Good Games.

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