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Perhaps you missed our watershed Crypto Weekend but make sure you don’t miss Crypto Gala! You’ve got about a week to use cryptocurrencies for an extra 20% off on all store deals and bundles. Discover what you can use crypto to buy now on IndieGala!

What can I use crypto to buy now?

Our Crypto Gala offer is rather similar to what we did for Crypto Weekend. You’ll be spending 20% less on all store deals and bundles during a 10-day period. Whether a game you want is discounted or not, the magic of Crypto Gala applies to it. While there are already a ton of games on discount, we’ve got some new additions this week too! So here’s what you can use crypto to buy now:

  • up to 90% off on 200+ PC games that you can apply an extra 20% off to
  • a giveaway copy of MirrorMoon EP with purchases over $9.99
  • exclusive publisher sales to cherrypick your wishlist games from

What currencies can I use crypto to buy now?

Nothing’s changed from the Crypto Weekend yet. We’re able to accept payments with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. We’ll probably be able to accept more cryptocurrencies in the future. We’d even like to hear your ideas on this front. While that’s pending, if you’ve got one of the top 4 then you’re golden.

What are those new additions mentioned earlier?

As usual, we’ve got game deals galore! Blockchain-using gamers will definitely love some of the exclusives we’re offering! Want some pointers?

Dark Souls Trilogy Bundle

Dark Souls 1 2 3 Bundle!

Have you been waiting for Dark Souls: Remastered? If so, then you’re going to love this! An exclusive Dark Souls Trilogy Bundle is now live and you can get all three installments in one fell swoop. To sweeten the deal, there’s an extra 50% off for owners of the Dark Souls: Prepared To Die Edition! Quite possibly the sweetest deal of the season. The darkness never seemed so bright. Get the Dark Souls Trilogy Bundle now!


Use crypto to buy now!

Join over 1,000,000 players in 2017’s most played Steam game — an explosive battle royale! For those not in the know, there’s a weird paradox here though. PUBG has “Mostly Negative” reviews on Steam. However, this is not due to the game’s lack of awesomeness. The incredibly popular multiplayer drew negative reviews last year due to a combo of performance, hacking, and region-locking issues. So, don’t be discouraged! This is definitely something you want to use your crypto to buy now!

Ancestors Legacy

Ancestors Legacy - Use Crypto to Buy NOW!

The squad-based real-time strategy game from our friends at 1C Company is available on Steam! We’re offering 10% off at IndieGala — and you’ll be able to get it with an extra 20% off! You won’t find it cheaper than that so get those crypto coins ready!

New deals are dropping every moment so stay tuned and Happy Gaming!

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