Hello friends. Yes, we are still alive and kicking. We want to thank you all for your support and patience. It has been a long time since we last shared an update about the progress of our internal development team. But today, everything changes. We have a special announcement for you.

After the demanding release of Die Young on PS4, as you might remember, we got together, we analyzed and metabolized player feedback. We wondered what kind of game would we like to do as the next step. How should we proceed on our path of continuous evolution and discovery and what would characterize the game? The answer was obvious: our deep passion.

We knew we wanted to do something that made us feel lost in a lonely world. Without outside help or the ability to easily get by, while counting only on our own strength and will. We knew we wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the great horror classics that we have played and loved over the years. It was clear. Recent games also tend to make good use of the classic gothic horror or slasher horror themes, while others (like The Evil Within or Metro games) do not shy away from survival horror.

Vorax Sneak Peek
A sneak peek into our newest project: Vorax

We also knew that it wouldn’t be easy, but we wanted to interpret those survival horror dynamics in a modern and innovative way. That’s why, thanks to the possibilities offered by modern technology, together with our constantly growing and ever-evolving independent team, we are one step closer to our dream.

Now, almost two years after our initial experiments, our game is taking a more defined shape. That is why we are pleased to confirm the active development of:


Slowly, but surely, day after day, it forms, it grows and it brings us great pride and joy.

We have been pretty quiet for the past few months, mainly because of this never-ending pandemic, but worry not. We are making solid progress and know that there is a committed and passionate team that is working hard behind the scenes.

So, be confident, you will soon have a series of pleasant surprises and learn more about our Vorax project. We look forward to sharing more as soon as we are ready, so stay tuned, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and keep an eye on www.voraxgame.com .


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