Darker atmospheres. Slower pace and exploration.
dark woods
The new project has a darker atmosphere and gameplay that relies much more on FPS mechanics.

Many of you are probably wondering: what are we working on or if we are even working on something. After all, the latest update for DieYoung dates way back to October. Have we been sleeping instead of being productive, has the self-isolation consumed our sanity? Maybe, but not exactly.

Even though everyone is working at the moment from their own homes, due to the current situation, we haven’t lost our initiative despite the isolation. Part of the team, as mentioned, is working on DY PS4 port and on an upcoming update for PC, while others are working on a new project, an idea we’ve been sleeping on for quite a while.

Desolated roads in suburbs, the feeling of isolation prevails
This is what the streets of our neighborhood look like in these quarantine days.

Today is my ninth day of quarantine. After three days without sneaking my nose outside the house, I went out an hour to buy some food. This is still allowed (fortunately).

In a big city like Rome, spaces are very large and in the era of rampant globalization, driving to the nearest mall is a common practice. Especially if you live in the suburbs like me.

I drive on deserted streets, with surreal silence. until last week I still saw someone wandering among parks and gardens, now they are completely empty. In the five-kilometer journey, I saw just three people.

Rome, a city suspended in isolation

I’ve always wanted to put something personal in all the games I’ve produced or developed. I remember when the idea of ​​DieYoung was born in me I had been back for four weeks in the wild and ardent countryside of our south and those atmospheres inevitably entered the game. But the desolation that I live in these days is something difficult to reproduce.

Desolation, paranoia, isolation.

Dark atmosphere, feeling of isolation, empty roads
Darker atmospheres. Slower pace and exploration.

But also the desire to get up and react and the hope that everything will be fine. These are the feelings that stir within me and that I want to convey in our new title.

Early prototype for tests on lighting and fps mechanics.
Early prototype for tests on lighting and fps mechanics.

I have never liked to categorize videogames. But if I had to use one for ours I would say that we are developing our interpretation of a ‘survival FPS’.

The new story is set in the narrative universe of DieYoung, and takes place two years after the end of the first title.

But there are not many things in common. The protagonist is a soldier, who must investigate the mysterious disappearance of a battalion of the Turkish army. He was called to clean up the islands inhabited by the cult of brother n.1.

There are many differences compared to our first title. The main ones being the presence of a complete day / night cycle and a deep FPS combat ( you are a soldier now, after all ;- ) ) .It will include numerous weapons from classic assault rifles to shotguns and hand grenade.

But I don’t want to spoil too much right now. Stay tuned and I’ll update you on our progress using this blog.

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  1. I really enjoyed DY so I’m kinda hyped for this new game. It reminds me of The Forest, a game that I also enjoyed very much, we’ll see what this one brings on!

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