It all started 10 years ago.

It feels like yesterday when in a little basement, alone and with the only support of the very few people who believed in me at the time, this wonderful adventure has begun.

A bunch of us at last Christmas dinner…

And it has been wonderful thanks to you. You, who have supported us over the years, some since the first day, others along the way. In everything we have done, we always tried to put you, our supporters, first.

In fact, I don’t like to use the word “customers“, we are not a globalist corporation, but a small family that often thinks from the heart. We aren’t perfect, mistakes are unavoidable, but we always do things with passion.

Our Massive Gameplay Giveaway Challenge Loading Screen

We have always tried our best to offer you a good service, and competitive prices. Our mission has always been to give you the finest games we could find, and we always did our best to innovate. By bringing many new fun activities like giveaways, quizzes, Feudalife challenges and all those things that we always thought they could appeal to a community of gamers, just like us.

Our first bundle came out 10 years ago

I remember our first bundle … exactly on December 5th, ten years ago.

First Indiegala Bundle from 10 years ago
A quick peek of how our first bundle looked

The thrill of seeing the immediate popularity, the difficulties, the unpreparedness. I remember that we had a technical problem and for a few hours the system responsible for sending bundles automatically was down… we sent by hand over six thousand emails with game keys in 3 days and two sleepless nights. But it was a beautiful experience.

I remember our fierce battles with our competitors, for which we are grateful every day, as we have improved thanks to them.

The trailer we prepared for our first indie game bundle

About our games and future projects

I remember our first game, Blockstorm, developed together with friends from Ghostshark. When I started producing the project, many took me for a fool. Many people criticized me and suggested that I should give up. That I should have focused on the usual business continuing to “sell” to “customers“, using words like “retention“, “monetization” and all those formulas that have never belonged to me.

I remember how proud I was in January this year, to see Die Young releasing on the PS4 store. It was my childhood dream, since when I was a young little boy, I always thought that “a game was not a game, if it didn’t run on the Playstation“.

Die Young Interview
..during a a gameplay presentation interview..

And now we are developing our fourth game, which is even more ambitious. It will be the third game conceived, developed and financed entirely by Indiegala s.r.l. and I can’t wait to let you enjoy a preview.

Our promise to the community

How many great things have happened, and many more will.

I promise you that we will always continue to work hard. Listening to your voice, your needs, your criticisms. Every day trying to improve!

I greet you all with affection.


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