Radical Relocation

Radical Relocation is a casual game that I found very interesting and fun. Not surprisingly, I noticed that many have bought this game lately and I think they did well. Why? Discover the features of the title in my review.

We have to move


The premise of this game is really simple. You have to move, so you have to bring objects and furniture from one place to another. Be careful though, you only have your vehicle and you have to arrange the items to carry in a precise way. If they fall, you lose the game!

Honestly, I found this game hilarious and not too trivial. Its structure is reminiscent of a mobile game, you will face different levels and every time you reach your goal you will get a rating from 1 to 3 stars. Besides, at first, the game may seem easy, but the more you go on the more difficult the levels will become. You will have to face several obstacles, such as potholes or parked vehicles. Plus, you will have to study the route to take and consider the characteristics of your car if you want to win.

You will find yourself entangled in a game that involves you and completing it will not be easy!

Bloody physics

Radical Relocation physics

One of the things that struck me most about this game is the physics of objects. Trust me, it’s damn realistic. You will have to study carefully how to place objects on your vehicle, otherwise, at the slightest skid, everything will fall apart.

I have to be honest, the placement phase of the objects on the car reminded me a lot of that of Death Stranding. So, Kojima, you finally got inspired by an indie game? Seriously, Radical Relocation is a very well made game, a small gaming pearl that should be in your collection. Of course, there are some flaws that you might encounter during your gaming experience. However, these are minor technical errors, it’s not a disaster.

Why do you have to buy Radical Relocation?

If you love casual games like Among Us, you should buy Radical Relocation. This game can surprise you, it is a great way to have fun and turn your brain off. Besides, I also enjoyed the graphics of the videogame, always colorful and lively.

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Finally, if you have already tried the game, let me know what you think. Express your opinion and discuss it with the Indiegala community.

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