Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a game that has divided critics and audiences. Many have hailed it as a revolutionary game. Some have considered it boring and repetitive. Yes, I know what you think: “But Death Stranding has not been released for PC, why you are talking about it?”

Well, I have to correct you on this point. For a few days in our store, there is an opportunity to pre-order the game (the key, when available, will be for Steam). You can have it easily by visiting the dedicated page and thank me later for lighting up your day!

So let’s get back to the game, I can tell you that Death Stranding is a videogame with flaws. Regardless, Death Stranding has a great value: it is not just a videogame, it is a work of art.

Why do I think that way? Well, here’s a detailed analysis, with what I found good and what I didn’t like, of Kojima’s latest controversial work!

Death Stranding: Here comes the delivery man

It's not Amazon, it's Death Stranding

Let’s start with the bad aspects, so I will kindly ask you to bare with me and read until the end of this article, to give it a fair chance. Beginning with the main sore note of Death Stranding: its gameplay. From this point of view, I understand the criticisms of many players who were not satisfied. All you have to do in the game is deliver packages. End of story.

Further on, what does it mean to deliver packages? You will be given precise tasks and you will have to go every time from point A to point B. An endless repetition of the so-called Fetch Quests. That’s right, just the ones I already criticized in my Metal Gear Solid V review.

It may sound exciting at first, but in the long run, believe me, it can be tiring. Not to mention some useless side missions that don’t lead to any relevant matches. Another thing that disappointed me a little bit is the ease of the game. You will be guided step by step and you will not have to make any effort to succeed in your missions.

To make you understand, we are light years away from Psycho Mantis and the prison of the first Metal Gear Solid. Death Stranding adapts to the new generation of gamers, those who if they fail at the first attempt, they decide to abandon the game. This is a low blow to the old generation of gamers, Mr. Kojima.

Action could have been so much better

Combat System of the game

In the game, there are also certain stages of action such as fighting against MULEs or BT’s, otherworldly entities, but they are frivolous and trivial. In some cases, I found the enemy AI embarrassing. Really, sometimes you just have to run wild and the enemies won’t know what to do.

I mean, if you’re looking for an action videogame, Death Stranding is not for you. If you love the thrill of adrenaline, you may be disappointed by the game, so I suggest you bet on FPS that has a nice story and hectic action.

Co-operative Multiplayer: is it effective?

Death Stranding Multiplayer

I also want to talk to you about the co-operative multiplayer. After you have visited an area and overcame its obstacles, you can enjoy constructions and objects made by other players.

These solutions will help you complete the other missions, should you decide to do so. It is true that these “upgrades” help speed things up, but does not increase the gameplay experience.

From this point of view, I enjoyed the co-operative multiplayer of the first Dark Souls, where you could summon allies and have useful suggestions (apart from funny people told you to commit suicide by throwing yourself into the void).

A story about life and death

Sam and Fragile from Death Stranding

At this point, you’re probably wondering, “Why would you play Death Stranding?”. Well, there are a couple of reasons to do that. The first one is about the plot of the game.

You’ll be Sam Porter Bridges, a mysterious messenger with supernatural abilities, the DOOMS that keeps you from dying. You will face a collapsed world due to an event called the (titular) Death Stranding, trying to cross the now destroyed US.

Besides, the one who says she’s your mother, Bridget, will give you an important task. You will have to recover the now missing Amelie, a person close to you, and reconnect several people during your journey with a Q-Pid, a special object.

Amelie, Sam and Die-Hard Man

Humanity has now hidden in isolated bunkers and social connections are established only by some delivery men. In your adventure, you will meet different characters like the beautiful Fragile, Mama, Heart-Man, Clifford, Dead Man, Die-Hard Man, and the dark Higgs.

Not to mention the bond that binds you to BB-28, a newborn that you will always have by your side in a glass container and that you will need to move forward in your mission. Each character is quite detailed and can teach you some life lessons that you will hardly forget.

I don’t want to tell you any more about the game, because you have to discover the story on your own. Believe me, it’s probably the most important reason that pushed me to move forward despite the gameplay.

The story of Death Stranding explores themes such as social relationships, the constant repetition of history, not learning from our mistakes, love and family. In short, a story of life and death, two intertwined elements, so distant yet so close.

Absolutely brilliant.

Death Stranding and his incredible poetics

Death Stranding: Port Knot City

The second reason you have to play Death Stranding is its incredible poetry. The landscapes of the game map are glacial and nihilistic, yet incredibly breathtaking. In a way, thanks to the all the walking around, it will make you appreciate the setting even more.

Besides, in some places, exceptional songs will start. Believe me, these are incredible tracks, which you will insert into your playlist once you finish the game. For example, I won’t hide that I love Low Roar now, one of the bands I discovered thanks to Death Stranding.

Some Landscapes of the game

While I was thinking about these things, I realized that Death Stranding is not the quite the classic game I was expecting. It’s something more. It is revolutionary, a work of art that blends narrative, music, and game design masterfully, as only a great film director would know how to do.

Few games can be considered truly ART and Death Stranding is one of them.

Death Stranding: What do you think of the game?

Have you already had a look at Death Stranding on consoles or are you waiting to get your hands on the PC edition? Will they update and upgrade it or will it be just another port?

I would be very curious to know your opinion on this game or expectations, perhaps giving me your view on the story. Alternatively, you can also tell me if you will get the game or if its gameplay does not convince you.

My final advice is just one: you should try Death Stranding, it’s worth it.

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