GreedFall is an RPG that has all the features to be considered a high-level game. If you love the fantasy genre, you should give it a chance. Why? Well, first, check out its trailer.

You still don’t think you should try it? Well, keep reading my review about this game published by Focus Home Interactive, I’m sure you’ll have clearer ideas later.

What kind of RPG is GreedFall?

GreedFall gameplay

First, let me explain what kind of RPG Greedfall is. Many have compared it to The Witcher 3. Some features resemble those of the CD Projekt RED game. Regardless, these are two completely different games. The Witcher 3 is an ACTION-RPG with an extensive open-world.

GreedFall is a pure RPG, divided into macro-areas. So don’t be surprised if you are face to face with invisible walls during the game: not all the areas you see will be accessible. This game is very similar to titles like Tales of Zestiria: if you love this type of videogames, trust me, you’re gonna love GreedFall to death. Otherwise, if you’re expecting a fantasy-themed action-RPG, well, that’s not what you’ll find with this game.

Customization, skill, and combat system

Customization and party

Like any good RPG, in GreedFall you can customize your character. You’ll have to be careful what armor to wear, looking for the right mix that can give your hero the protection. Plus, you can also customize your party. You can choose which characters can be part of your team and try to create lethal combos.

What about skills? Well, from this point of view you will have complete freedom. The skill tree is incredibly great, you can choose how to change your character. You will also have to decide on what features to invest in, immersing yourself in role-play, and creating an exciting background for your hero.

Plus, I want to explore the combat system of the game. For many players, this system is too mechanical, little fluid, and ruins the gameplay. It’s not at all like that! Once again, this is not an Action-RPG. You will need to evaluate your every move and consider “turn-based” combat.

I also want to give you advice. Whenever you face an enemy, study his moveset, just like you would with Dark Souls bosses. With GreedFall you will have to be patient or you will die many times!

Are you ready to try GreedFall?

In my opinion, GreedFall is a nice game that can guarantee you several hours of gameplay. However, I only recommend it if you like classic RPGs and not triple-A games that only use some RPG mechanics.

Try it now, this game is available in our store at an advantageous price.

Dive into a magical world and prove to be a spotless hero with GreedFall!

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