VR Games 2022

What are the VR Games to try in 2022? Well, this year you can have the chance to play some of the best titles in virtual reality. 

Why? Because there are many virtual reality headsets on the market. One of the most famous is the new Oculus Quest 2, a device that has fantastic features. In addition, there is also HTC Vive, a headset with a fascinating design and interesting specifications. So, you have to know which games to exploit with these wonders of technology. 

Are you ready? Let’s explore together the best VR Games to add to your collection!

VR Games 2022: What types of games are on this list?

First of all, I make an introduction. In this list of games, I have included only real video games. I know there are VR programs that allow you to simulate incredible experiences. Anyway, in my opinion, they are not video games. Here you will find games acclaimed by critics and audiences. If you try the titles on the list, I’m sure you’ll experience virtual reality adventures you’ll hardly forget. 

You’re curious about the selection, aren’t you? Let’s get started!

Superhot VR

VR History

I’ve already talked about Superhot, I consider it a dynamic, lively, and incredible game because it is hectic and full of adrenaline. Moreover, I appreciate the difficulty of the game, if you take a shot you’re dead and you’ll have to do it all over again. I also recommended Mind Delete Control, the expansion, and the sequel to the first game in the saga. 

Take a look at the trailer and imagine the rhythm of this FPS with a VR headset. In my opinion, this is the first game to buy and try in virtual reality. Be careful, it is not suitable for the faint of heart and those who have too slow reflexes

Fallout 4 VR 

VR Games 2022: Fallout 4 VR

What should I say about one of the best action-RPG of the last few years? Well, thanks to virtual reality, you can play more impressively! With headset VR, you can talk face-to-face with NPCs, face Wasteland’s monsters, and save (or condemn) humanity. 

If you have played Fallout 4 on PC, trying this game will be a new challenge for you. Combat and crafting systems have been revolutionized and adapted to VR headset commands. I recommend you buy this game published by Bethesda Softworks, it’s worth it. 

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR 


Fools, I know what you’re thinking: Oh no, not Skyrim again! On the contrary, yes, and this time the fantasy work by Bethesda Softworks could be very interesting. Skyrim VR was critically acclaimed as the first fully open-world VR game. You can explore boundless landscapes, engage in secondary quests, and defeat the most powerful enemies. 

With a VR headset, you can immerse yourself in the world of Skyrim and spend hours enhancing your character. Are you ready to challenge ancient dragons and climb rocky mountains? Test your skills and remember FUS-RO-DAH!

VR Games 2022: Elite Dangerous VR

Do you want to explore infinite space and feel like you’re in a space odyssey? Well, you have to try Elite Dangerous VR. To succeed, you must have the courage and spirit of a true pioneer. However, don’t forget that space can be cruel and dangerous. So, always be careful and guide your crew with mastery. Besides, if you want to conquer the universe you must defeat your enemies in combat with spaceships at lightning speed. 

Regardless, if you don’t have a VR headset, you can try this game with your PC. This way, you don’t necessarily have to be in virtual reality to become a known commander across the galaxy. You can find the game in its classic edition here in our store at an exceptional price. 

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality

Imagine coming home after a hard day of study or work. What can you do to switch off and have a laugh? It’s simple, play Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality. The irreverent duo of the series produced by Adult Swim will make you laugh a lot. 

There’s not much action in this game, you won’t even have to move much. You’ll be in Rick’s garage and you can use all of his crazy inventions. A small button could create a black hole and swallow the world, so be careful where you put your hands! I mean, this is the perfect game if you want to laugh and relax without thinking about real life. 

Werewolves Within

VR Games 2022: Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is one of the top VR Games you have to try in 2022. Why? Well, it is a mix between Among Us and Witch It. There are some werewolves in Gallowston, a medieval village. Citizens are tired of attacks and want to execute the culprits. Who are the guilty impostors? You’ll have to find out using your deductive skills. 

This 5/8 player party game is what you need if you want to have fun with your friends. Every moment will be hilarious and fun. Sometimes it will be tough to discover the impostors because every character has some special skills. In a nutshell, you will have to work hard to win. At the same time, if you’re a werewolf, you’ll enjoy cheating others without anyone noticing. You can find Werewolves Within in our store for Oculus or HTC Vive

VR Games 2022: Borderlands 2 VR

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2: the best looter-shooter ever made is available in VR version. That’s right, you can dive into the crazy world of this saga and eliminate everyone you meet in your path. If you want to win rewards, shoot your enemies accurately and try dozens of different weapons. 

With the VR headset, you will appreciate the game’s graphic details and admire the wonders of Pandora. You can choose from four playable classes: Assassin, Commando, Siren, and Gunzerker. Each class will have unique features that will help you defeat Handsome Jack’s henchmen and free Pandora. Those who prefer franticironic, and cynical games will love Borderlands 2 VR

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek Bridge Crew

Star Trek is a must for sci-fi fanatics. I bet anyone dreamed of being the U.S.S. Enterprise’s commander at least once in their life. Well, with Star Trek: Bridge Crew, you can. In detail, you will be in charge of the U.S.S. Aegis and you will discover a mysterious threat looming over the universe. Your actions can save the lives of hundreds of aliens and humans, so make wise decisions. 

Besides, you can play with your friends. In the co-op mode, you can choose one of four available roles: Captain, Helm, Tactical, and Engineer. Also, now you can play Star Trek: Bridge Crew without a VR headset. It’s not the same experience but it’s worth trying.  

VR Games 2022: Eagle Flight 

Eagle Flight

Okay, I know, at first glance this game might seem ridiculous. Trust me, it is not. Eagle Flight is an adrenaline-filled and incredible video game. In this game, you will become an eagle and fly over Paris. The graphics are outstanding, it is a great job done by the developers of Ubisoft

You can fly over famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral. Moreover, you can try a thrilling multiplayer mode. You’ll feel like a jet pilot, the controls are fluid and the action is fast. Add this game to your collection now, available for Meta Quest VR (Oculus) and HTC headset

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 

Many consider this game a must-buy. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a party game where you will have the task of defusing a bomb. Your friends will be the “experts” who will give you suggestions to prevent the bomb from exploding. However, the experts don’t see the bomb, they can just talk and tell you things. 

The rounds of this puzzle game are fast-paced, tense, and funny. Besides, with the VR Headset, you can put yourself in the shoes of a bomb squad and feel the anxiety on your skin!

VR Games 2022: Job Simulator 

You are in a world where robots have replaced humans. Your job is to learn the art of work. Are you ready to do the most disparate tasks? Job Simulator is an unforgettable video game, people love it. Working has never been fun, but with Job Simulator, it will become a hilarious experience

The story mode will involve you completely. Besides, you will have to complete 15 missions and you can explore the story of the main character. Can you survive your assignments? Well, test your skills and expect to laugh harder than you should

The Assembly

The Assembly 2022 VR Games

Do you like stories about conspiracies, secret plots, and hidden mysteries? Then you’ll love The Assembly. This first-person interactive story will guide you through a dark organization. You’ll have to find out what’s inside the organization’s bunker and figure out what’s at stake. Your choices and actions can have catastrophic consequences

Furthermore, the game has multiple endings. This means you can replay it several times and understand the truth behind the main plot. In addition, this title developed by nDreams is perfect for VR, it will offer freedom of movement and realistic interaction with objects. Buy The Assembly now in our store and enjoy a special price

Half-Life: Alyx 

In my opinion, Half-Life: Alyx is one of the best games of recent times. For this reason, I had to include it in the list of VR games to play in 2022. This game will make you enjoy realism in movements, outstanding graphics, and a surreal atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re in the world of Half-Life and fighting the Combine, the dangerous alien race that wants to conquer the earth.  

Regardless, I don’t want to spoil the story of the game, it is unique. You have to feel it from the first to the last minute, every moment will be a pleasure for you. However, I will not hide that you will get the shivers sometimes. Just a word of advice, buy this masterpiece, you won’t regret it. 

VR games 2022: what are your suggestions?

Do you agree with my list? Would you have added some other titles? Share your opinion with our community and let me know what you think of my video game selection!

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