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Today I want to talk to you about crypto and gaming. Of course, the two may seem unrelated to you, but with this article, I want to show you a new scenario. I’ll get right to it, I think cryptocurrencies can be a winning move for the future of video games. If you don’t really know a lot about cryptocurrency and would like to learn more, you might want to check out these documentaries.

Moreover, today, if you take advantage of opportunities such as the Crypto Sale 2021, you can make sure you play fantastic games at very low prices. So, what could be better in the future of the gaming world thanks to cryptocurrencies? Let’s try to analyze this topic together.

Crypto, gaming, and micro-transactions

How many gamers hate micro-transactions? Well, many definitely and I am among them. I mean, why do I have to pay extra for a game I bought it at full price? However, with the boom of online multiplayer games, micro-transactions have become part of the routine.

If you want the new skin, the colored weapon, that fish suit, well, you have to pay. All in all, if you want to customize your character from an aesthetic point of view it seems right. What many do not know and that behind these in-game elements lies a real black market..

This can be dangerous for gamers. There are not a few who have been scammed by malicious people in this way. You want to buy a simple skin and you have your bank account emptied by a cybercriminal.

You don’t want to risk it, buddy.

How can cryptocurrencies eliminate these problems?

Cryptocurrencies can eliminate the black market of in-game purchases. Suppose a game launches its virtual currency. Let’s take the example of a software house doing it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the Gamer coins. Don’t Google them, they don’t exist. Well, not yet.

Only if you buy Gamer coins can you get skins, weapons, and other items on the games produced by the software house. In this case, payments are tracked via blockchain. So, on the one hand, you bought the item from a safe source and on the other, you can not sell it. Checkmate, black market sellers!

Of course, this is a simplistic example. I understand that in practice, it could be much more complicated. It would take precise regulations and gamers should be inclined to join this initiative. Regardless, this is a great way that shows how crypto and gaming can be connected satisfactorily.

Ranked matches: is it time to raise the stakes?

Tournaments and ranked matches

Recently, video games have become eSports. This means that the competitions of the most important and popular games are remunerated appropriately. Whoever wins these tournaments wins not only the glory but also a high prize pool.

But what about us, common mortals? Well, the busiest gamers spend hours in ranked matches. Just think of games like COD or Wow, truly addicting for those who love online competition.

I’ve also been playing Rocket League lately and I’ve noticed that there’s a high degree of competition there too. Well, wouldn’t you like to climb the world leaderboards and maybe even get a prize to get the top positions? In my opinion, cryptocurrencies could be a fantastic prize. In short, your efforts would be rewarded to get unique items in-game, without having to pay extra. An excellent reward for those who spend time and energy having fun with a title.

Plus, I think this may have another silver lining. With high rewards up for grabs, all players could engage more in ranked matches. This means no more noobs in playlists, a dream for gamers! Maybe this is a utopia but I hope that one day it will be so.

Besides, if the developers are smart, they can decide to launch a game in free-to-play mode. The catchment area in this way can grow and tournaments can become incredibly big. This means more awards, more publicity, and more success for the game. A win-win-win situation.

Crypto and gaming, more security for parents

The last aspect I want to consider concerns the security of in-game transactions. In several video games, after connecting a payment method just one click to authorize a transaction. I know many people who have found themselves without funds because of children who have used this method to buy everything and more. Not to mention that child who spent nearly 700 pounds on Fortnite. The pains of being parents.

Cryptocurrencies can be more secure from this point of view. To unlock them you need to set a personal pin or password. Also, you can set an authorization before making a payment. I mean, a sort of parental control for the little ones.

This way, you can avoid bad surprises. Besides, don’t forget that the control you can exercise over cryptocurrencies is better than normal virtual money. So, you can enjoy 360 degrees increased security.

What do you think about that?

These are the advantages, in my opinion, that could exist in the future of crypto and gaming. I mean, I think the future is bright. Of course, that’s just my thought. What do you think about that?

Do you believe that cryptocurrencies can be advantageous for the gaming world or not? I’m curious to find out your ideas so feel free to share your thoughts with our community!

Regardless, now we just have to wait for the future. Well, you know how they say: time will tell!

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