BANDAI NAMCO’s Newest, The Hump Day Bundle, & More Giveaways!

A phenomenal Hump Day Bundle — the 56th edition — hits the shelves today. But there are also loads of goodies and a brand new game from BANDAI NAMCO. So first, let’s look into a little witch called Akko!

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Little Witch Academia started its journey as a short film released in 2013. A sequel was then partially funded through Kickstarter in 2015. It later became available on Netflix. And now it’s joined the ranks of BANDAI NAMCO’s awesome catalog on Steam!

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time is a side-scrolling anime action-RPG. You join Akko and her friends as they explore dungeons and use magic to solve a mysterious shift in time. Grab it now on IndieGala with a neat early bird price and a bonus game!

The Hump Day Bundle #56

Hump Day Bundle - IndieGala

The Hump Day Bundle’s 56th edition packs 10 (9 new-to-bundle) Steam games. You’re in for a rather indielicious variety at a sweet price!. This Hump Day Bundle unearths a hidden gem from 2015 and some sweet newcomers! You can look forward to:

  • Below Kryll: A single-player 2D action-RPG. You play an explorer — and the size and dynamism of this pixel-patterned treasure will surprise you!
  • Steampunk Tower 2: Yeah, we’re talking about the sequel to Steampunk Tower! Enjoy more turrets, more enemies, and a lot more kaboom!
  • Far from Noise: This is the experiential indie game that you missed last year but you won’t this year!

Catch these Steam games and 7 others in the Hump Day Bundle today at ONLY $3.99!

Crackerjack Deal: Moero Chronicle

Crackerjack Deal: Moero Chronicle

Right across from the Hump Day Bundle is the rather sexy Moero Chronicle! We’ve finally cracked open a new historical low on IF’s lovely anime RPG! So sit back and get ready for an addictive and entertaining dungeon-crawler!

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