My Leisure Suit Larry Experience is next. Leisure Suit Larry – Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored to be precise. And yes, after a couple of film-related articles (which you can read here and here)…. it’s time for the legend that is Leisure Suit Larry. However, there’s a new guy in the series. Let me tell you all about him. And how my rookie gaming experience with him went on.

A side note is very much needed here. I completed Leisure Suit Larry – Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored a few weeks ago. And as fun of an experience, it was, it mostly invigorated my love for PC games. Since my Hitman experience (read all about it here) I nearly forgot how I love playing on my PC. But I digress. Back to the man of the hour.

Leisure Suit Larry Experience

Different Leisure Suit Larry Experience With A Different Leisure Suit Larry

Indeed. This is not the regular Leisure Suit Larry that we all know and love. No, Leisure Suit Larry – Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored has Larry Laffer’s nephew in the center of the story. Also named Larry. Developed and published by Assemble Entertainment, Leisure Suit Larry – Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored has us playing with… well, you’ve guessed it… Larry.

He’s a student at Walnut Log Community College and he’s a man on a mission. To get on a dating show called Swingles and he’ll do pretty much anything to get there. But, there’s a catch. In order to qualify for the dating show, he’ll need to prove that he’s got what it takes to be there. He must swoon and impress the ladies at his campus. And for an inept man like Larry, It’s not such an easy task. So, let the „wooing“ begin!. And fire up the mini-games in the process as well.

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It Was A Fun (Albeit Repetitive) Leisure Suit Larry Experience

Let me start from the beginning. I did enjoy the game, but not as much as I thought I will. First and foremost, I feel that Larry is not that interesting character, to begin with. The farting didn’t help either, believe me. I mean sure it took me a while to hold his conversations at an acceptable level. I struggled at first with moving that sperm, but eventually, I figured it out. But I have a confession to make here. Before I eventually get it right, I intentionally made him look bad, just to see the weird dialogue that he would have with the ladies. And I must say… I really liked that side of Larry. The nonsense made his character even that funnier. Don’t you think?

And you know what made my gameplay that much harder? The quarter coin toss. I’ve never been that good in that game IRL anyway. Let alone with a keyboard and a mouse in my hands. But I kept trying and trying. Well, it suffices to say it kept me frustrated for the most part. At the end of my nerves, I had to get a drink myself just to calm down. You can say I joined Larry in a game of quarter coin toss, but with a pint of beer IRL.

But I also have a confession to make. All of the mini-games became tiring and repetitive after I played them over and over again. They were exacerbating my boredom for sure. Evasion was really the most fun for me, while slaps and the dance mini-games were the most tiresome.

Raunchy, Silly, And Shocking Characters In The Game

Well, it kept me chuckling that’s for sure. And I admit, I was shocked at times. The raunchy part is graphic at times, but the silly part is constant throughout the game. I mean in the first 5 minutes or so I encountered a singing half-naked Porn fairy holding a dildo. I thought it can’t get any weirder but I was wrong. And although Larry is fine (voice work included), I really liked the women he encountered. I liked them so much more.

Each with a unique personality, appearance and even with a different accent. From the country girl Sally Mae to Tilly. From Uma to Luba. And yes Charlotte and Ione. There are about 15-16 of them and they’re all very different. But I had fun at the gay bar as well. If you haven’t encountered stereotypes before, you will be sure to find them there. But the stereotypes were in every person there when I come to think about it. Yes, I know that’s intentional but even the stereotypes in these characters became tiresome and predictable. Much like the mini-games I have to admit.

The Uncut and Uncensored Version Was… Interesting

Look, I’m not a prude but it’s my first uncensored game in my Filmaholic Gamer experience and it was… Interesting to say the least. Yes, the nudity and explicit content were not that shocking (for the most part) but they were there. The monkey was a tad much in my humble opinion. But frankly, I was mostly bothered by the old timely graphics than anything else.

Oh and the load screens. They were a dud as well. For the most part, it was an OK experience for me. Who knows, perhaps it’s best to go back to OG Leisure Suit Larry Games next. With the good old Larry. You know, the OG Larry. I feel that these a much more interesting, and they do involve puzzles. As I mentioned previously in my Filmaholic Gamer Reviews, I’m a sucker for a good puzzle game. So, yeah. Stay tuned for more.

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Well, That Was My Leisure Suit Larry Experience! Can’t Wait To Hear About Yours!

Let me know in the comment section if you liked this game. And also share which game of the series is your favorite. I’d love to know your impressions of Leisure Suit Larry.

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