Halloween Games

Halloween is just around the corner! What are the Halloween Games you have to try out this time of year?

Well, I want to talk to you today about a special selection of scary games. These are titles to live with the dark atmosphere typical of these days. Hey, I think a gamer should celebrate this holiday this way, don’t you?

So, here are my tips about Halloween Games that can freak you out!

Resident Evil 3: a classic to get started

Halloween Games: Resident Evil 3

The first game I want to recommend is Resident Evil 3. Of course, if you have the chance, you can also try the classic version and not the remake. You know I’m a nostalgic guy, especially when it comes to games that have made history in the gaming industry.

However, you can always make up for it with the NEW Resident Evil 3. Yes, I know many have criticized it for its brevity, but think about it, this will allow you to play it full on the scariest night of the year!

Do you want to live Halloween night by running away from a terrifying monster who wants to crush you alive? Virtually, of course. Well, if the answer is yes, then you should take advantage of the discount in our store now and try this experience.

Transient: a new scare awaits you


Transient is a new game and you may not have heard of it. I follow this title since the first teaser trailer, but I invite you to try it without looking at anything. Yeah, maybe after I finish it, I’ll write a review about it, who knows.

You’re a hacker in a post-apocalyptic future. You live in a cyberpunk city called Domed City Providence, the only refuge from the hostile environment that surrounds everything else. Suddenly, while you are immersed in your technology, you come into contact with a dark and wicked force. The cosmic horror will appear in its evil aspect, will you survive?

Yes, if you haven’t understood, Transient combines cyberpunk and Lovecraft. I mean, a geek who loves both things what else could he want on Halloween night? Oh wait, don’t answer me, I know he wants a game like Overgrown, but forget it.

Anyway, Transient is on sale right here, don’t miss this opportunity!

Halloween Games: Death Stranding, the link between the living and the dead

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is a controversial game. If you want, for more details on this you can also read my review of the game created by Hideo Kojima.

Why is this title part of my Halloween Games selection? Well, you’re gonna have to get in the shoes of Sam Porter Bridges, a delivery man who delivers packages to a destroyed world where no one can leave the house. Frightfully realistic and current, isn’t it?

However, in my opinion, Death Stranding is related to Halloween for some reason. In the game, there will be a link between the world of the dead and the living, in what seems to be an infinite cycle that is repeated every time. Kind of like the basis of the real Halloween holiday, don’t you think?

Plus, I recommend you try this game for its dark and introspective atmosphere, the music, and for its fantastic plot! Take advantage of its discount and play it now.

DOOM Eternal, eliminate the inhabitants of hell

DOOM Eternal is one of the craziest FPS I’ve ever played. It’s incredibly hectic, much more than Bioshock Infinite. As I’m sure you know, Halloween is the holiday where demons, spirits, ghosts, and monsters are unleashed. Have you always dreamed of killing these repulsive beings? Well, this is your chance!

As Doom Slayer, you will have no mercy, destroying every monstrosity in your path. Hey, you’re allowed to kill anyone: you have to save humanity. Using special weapons (I love you Doomblade!) you can have fun slaying in any way you can. I assure you that you will also have a powerful soundtrack that will accompany you on your journey to the cosmic underworld.

Are you still thinking about adding this game to your Halloween Games collection? Don’t be silly, buy DOOM Eternal thanks to our Bethesda Keys and enjoy the adventure. Don’t worry, you’ll thank me later!

Intruders: Hide and Seek, experience the power of fear in virtual reality

Intruders Hide and Seek, Halloween Games

I want to end my selection with a VR game. Intruders: Hide and Seek was a scary but pleasant discovery. Imagine that you are alone at home on Halloween night. Around you, there is a forest and your parents are not there. Suddenly, through the door, three strangers in scary masks want to catch you and hurt you. Are you gonna getaway or are you gonna get scared?

Yes, it sounds spooky, and believe me, it will make you tremble even if you consider yourself a brave guy. Try it with your headset, but remember, you must have spare pants with you. With a game like that, you might not be in control and end up in an unpleasant situation.

Halloween Games: What are your choices?

These were the Halloween Games I wanted to propose to you. I’m sure that if you follow my advice you can add great titles to your collection.

Regardless, I’m curious to know what your choices are for this special occasion. What do you think are the scariest games to try? Add your comment and share your opinion with the Indiegala community.

It’s time to play spooky videogames, gamers!

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