Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie

Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie are apparently meant to be. Well, at least that’s what Eli Roth thinks. The director of the upcoming Borderlands movie adaptation cast the comedic actor in the role of Roland. And the fans of the video game series have a few questions about that.

But it’s not like I didn’t mention this movie before. Indeed. Just last year I introduced Cate Blanchett in a separate post. The two-time Oscar winner will tackle the role of Lilith in the Borderlands movie adaptation. I also covered Jack Black, another confirmed actor of this movie. So, it’s only fair that I do that yet again. With Kevin Hart and his role of Roland.

Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie

Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie: The Game Series Is Awesome Though!

Yes. Before I could possibly go any further with this post, I believe a word or two about the Borderlands game series is in order. First and foremost, we do have Borderlands- the game series here at IndieGala. They’re all available for purchase, and some of them are on sale. So, make sure to click here, check out the best game for you. And of course, enjoy. The series is awesome and it’s worth your time. You know what to do.

Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie: What About The Movie Though?

Well, as you may know by now, the movie is currently in pre-production. And aside from Cate and Kevin’s casting, two other actors are already selected as well. Jack Black will portray the snarky robot Claptrap, while Jamie Lee Curtis will play Tannis. However, I’m here about Kevin and Kevin alone. OK, sure his role too.

But while I’m on the subject of Roland… Who is Roland and what makes this casting decision slightly weird? Roland is Borderlands “Soldier” class. He is originally from the planet Promethea and is a former soldier of the Crimson Lance. A highly trained private military of the Atlas Corporation. He is also proficient with all weapons. Although he prefers shotguns and combat rifles. Furthermore, Roland’s Action Skill is a sentry gun called the Scorpio Turret. However, Roland is the only playable character who does not have an action skill to daze enemies. And has the only action skill capable of being taken out by weapons fire aside from character death.

Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie

And Why Is Kevin Such A Weird Choice For Roland?

Look, I’m not the only one thinking about this. Hey, there’s a huge Reddit thread about the (then potential) casting of Kevin Hart in the role of Roland. The thread dates from around 2 months ago, and things are not looking so great even now. Now that he is confirmed in this role. Why is that? Well, because the audience, and the fans of Borderlands don’t think he can do this role some justice.

Why? Well, because Kevin is mainly a comedic actor. He’s been a great stand-up comedian and he’s doing mostly comedy movies. Sure the role of Roland will deviate from his usual typecast roles, and perhaps it’s what he’s after. Who knows? But yeah. Roland is a serious, stoic and intense type of character. He’s a natural-born leader with a great sense of duty. While Kevin has been known to play rather cowardly, comedic and child-like characters. In the majority of his career that is. And for the life of me, I can’t phantom him as the romantic partner of Cate Blanchett. Maybe Idris Elba would have been a better choice? I don’t know really, but I’m dying to know your actor’s picks for Roland. I’m going for Idris though. How about you?

Fan Art of Kevin As Roland

But What About Kevin’s Career?

Well, Kevin has been a presence in Hollywood for almost 2 decades now. Ever since his role in Paper Soldiers some 19 years ago. But he’s been already part of several great movies since. Comedy movies mostly, but yeah good movies. Such as the movies from the Scary Movie film series and Little Fockers. Most recently he’s been paired with Dwayne Johnson in several buddy cop/adventure movies and that really boosted his career. And because of this pairing, we have movies like Central Intelligence, Hobbs & Shaw and The Jumanji movies. Not too shabby right?

But if you want to know more about Kevin’s career you shouldn’t look back. You should look ahead. Let’s take his upcoming projects as a good example of this. Indeed, most of the upcoming movies (according to his IMDB) are in the genre of comedy. Adventure comedy/action comedy movies but mostly in the genre of comedy. However, in two of his upcoming movies, he’s expanding in uncharted territory. And honestly, I respect that. Borderlands is one of those movies. While the drama Fatherhood is next.

kevin hart abc GIF

Stepping Away From Comedy?

I think he is. At least for the foreseeable future. And I think Kevin is deliberately mixing the projects in order to prove that he’s more than just a lighthearted, goofy comedic actor. And I think that the role of Roland is the perfect vehicle for that. Sure he’ll still do comedy even in the near future too, but the movies like Borderlands are helping him in several areas. First and foremost they’re helping him show off his acting skills away from comedy. I suppose he wants the fans to take him seriously, and he thinks this is one way to branch out in different genres. He’s not far from the truth to be perfectly honest.

Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie: A Totally Different Beast

Secondly, he knows that Borderlands is a beloved project, and the expectations for this movie to succeed are high. Very high. Especially among the fans of the game. Even though the game adaptations don’t really get a good rep nowadays, but yeah. There’s always hope that we might get a decent video game movie. One can only hope. And last but certainly not least, because he sees this movie as an opportunity to grow. As an actor I mean.

Look, acting alongside The Rock is fine. Not particularly challenging in terms of any stretch of the imagination. Or the stretching of acting talent for that matter. And he knows that he won’t learn all that much from the former wrestler. Well, not when it comes to the craft of acting anyway. But if you star opposite Jack Black, Cate Blanchett or Jamie Lee Curtis, you’re damn right that he will learn a lot.

These ladies are on a totally different level and the experience that he’ll get from them is immense. They’re good (dare I say great) and although their casting is questionable too, they’re far more talented actors. And a good source for honing the craft of acting too. But I can’t wait to hear your opinion on the Borderlands movie too. What are your expectations of the Borderlands movie? Are you hyped? Or is it going to be a huge letdown? Let us know.

Kevin Hart & Borderlands Movie: Are You A Fan Of Kevin?

Or Borderlands for that matter? Let us know about your favorite Borderlands game. Mine is Borderlands 3, which I’m currently playing. But I can’t wait to find out about yours.

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