Little Big Workshop

If you can play Little Big Workshop without being exhausted you will be a great manager in the real world.

Seriously, this basic game is simple, but it can become your new drug. Why? Continue reading and discover my review on this title published by HandyGames.

Managing the workplace can be complicated

Little Big Workshop gameplay

As I said in the introduction, Little Big Workshop at the base is extremely simple, you have to manage a workplace. It is easy, isn’t it? Well, not at all!

You will always have to pay attention to several factors during gameplay. Are your employees satisfied? Do they do a good job? What is the budget between income and expenses? Which are the best types of machinery? Is it worth trading a product?

I don’t want to make you anxious, but these are just a few questions you’re gonna have to ask yourself if you don’t want to fail as a company. The beauty of this video game is that you can ALWAYS lose. You have not to think that your business will be untouchable: bankruptcy is always around the corner.

In a nutshell, make a mistake and you’ll send it all to the brink. Welcome to the fierce world of business.

Little Big Workshop, so cute you can’t help it

Little Big Workshop unique style

When I wrote that Little Big Workshop could be your new addiction, I wasn’t kidding. This game allows you to fully immerse yourself in a world of work details, decisions, and staff management.

From personal experience, I can confirm that if you try this title, you will never stop. From time to time, the hours will pass and you will not realize it. I think this total involvement is also attributable to the graphics of the game. The characters are really cute, their appearance is special, unique, and beautiful.

Of course, when you learn how to manage a lot of employees, they won’t look so cute. They will lead you to exhaustion but hey, that’s what it feels like to run a big company!

Little Big Workshop, are you ready for work management?

Little Big Workshop may seem like a pointless and easy game. It’s not like that at all! Despite the colorful and pleasant graphics, this game is a deep and complicated management game.

If you played Going Under, you may have had an idea of how hellish the world of work can be. Well, with Little Big Workshop you’ll have more proof of that! Here’s the videogame trailer, so you can take a look at some of its features.

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Can you build your own Little Big Workshop? Well, it’s up to you!

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