Dragon Ball FighterZ

This particular Dragon Ball FighterZ article is only my third that originates from the Dragon Ball franchise. However, I’m proud of my two previous ones as well. First and foremost there’s my written dedication to my all-time favorite Dragon Ball character. Vegeta. Yes, you can read all about that here and yes I still feel the same way about him.

And last but certainly not least… My Dragonball Evolution review is also a must-read (if I do say so myself). You can read it again here too. It was a fun experience, and It very much made me to appreciate the franchise even more.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball FighterZ And Some Cool Fight Scenes

After the film review, and the article dedicated to Vegeta it’s time to observe a different aspect of the Dragon Ball franchise. The iconic and fantastic fight scenes. They’re entertaining, energetic and downright beautiful. Also, they’re an essential part of the entire franchise. So, why not we take a trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of some of them? However if feel that it would be cool to remind you first, of the game that inspired this article. Dragon Ball FighterZ. What’s so special about it?

What’s Dragon Ball FighterZ All About You Might Ask?

Developed by Arc System Works and published by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, it’s a 2.5D fighting game with a 2D simulation. DRAGON BALL FighterZ is born from what makes the DRAGON BALL series so loved and famous. Endless spectacular fights with its all-powerful fighters.

Partnering with Arc System Works, the game maximizes high-end Anime graphics and brings easy to learn but difficult to master fighting gameplay. Furthermore, The gameplay is inspired by concepts from several other fighting games. Namely, the control scheme and team mechanics are lifted from the Marvel vs. Capcom series. And the overall presentation is reminiscent of other Arc System Works games. DRAGON BALL FighterZ is available for purchase here at IndieGala, and it’s also currently on sale. Get it while it’s still hot. Just click here.

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But what are some of the Steam comments saying about it?

*Tech says: I highly recommend this game its rly cracked out fun and simple to pick up but has a lot of replayability.
*While Monteiro PT adds: Great adaptation of the Dragon Ball series and an even better fighting game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

But if you’re not a fan of DRAGON BALL FighterZ, don’t worry. We have plenty of other DragonBall games for you to try out. Dragon Ball Z: Kakakot is one of our best-sellers (available here). And so is DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 (available here). But you know what? Feel free to click here, scroll and take your pick. You’re going to love our selection for sure.

And which Dragon Ball fight scenes made it to the list? Scroll down to find out. Oh! And don’t let me forget! As always feel free to share some of your favorite Dragon Ball fight scenes. We’d love to know your picks as well.

Oh, and a disclaimer is in order here. The list you’re about to see has fight scenes that are listed in no particular order. They’re simply awesome and deserve a notable mention. Let’s begin, shall we?

super saiyan GIF

Gohan VS Cell

When the main hero of the story can’t fight one of the main villains… Then it’s time to send the son to do the job. Gohan of course. Having dispatched with the Cell Juniors, Gohan now stands face-to-face with Cell himself. As Goku watches with satisfaction, and Vegeta in disbelief and denial, Jimmy Firecracker informs viewers that their camera is broken. But that Gohan is pummeling Cell. Cell VS Gohan is the two hundred fifteenth chapter of Dragon Ball Z. And the four hundred ninth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. It’s awesome and deserves to be on this list.

Goku VS Majin Vegeta

Let’s face it. Vegeta’s main drive is beating Goku. Frustrated to see how powerful Goku has become, Vegeta lets himself fall under Babidi’s spell. So that he can have his Rematch with Goku. It leads to Goku and Vegeta beating the hell out of one another in the ultimate Super Saiyan throwdown. The animation in this scene is great, and so is the direction of the fight. Head-butt’s punching and lots of action. Here’s a fun fact! Chris Sabat (the voice of Vegeta and Piccolo,) has often said that this was his favorite moment in the entire franchise. So you understand why it has to be on this list.

Goku VS Vegeta

The battle that put DBZ on the map, and the battle that’s become synonymous with the franchise. Two frenemies that are always looking to prove themselves. The fight is in the 24th episode of the Vegeta Saga and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. And yes, it’s epic as you can imagine. Here’s a fun fact here. In this episode, Master Roshi calls Vegeta by his name before he even knows his name. Also, this is the last appearance of Launch until the Majin Buu Saga. Nonetheless, it’s a good fight scene in one of the most iconic episodes.

Goku VS Frieza

Yup. The Frieza saga is the second major plot arc of the Dragon Ball Z franchise. And understandably deserves to be on this list. They seem perfectly equivalent for some time in terms of strength and speed. During the match, Goku seems to have more clever ideas on how to fight and tricks Frieza several times. And here’s a key difference between the manga and the anime. Vegeta attempts to flee from the battle with Frieza in the anime but does not in the manga. Oh, Vegeta. Always stirring trouble.

Vegeta VS Android 19

An iconic fight that marks Vegeta’s first Super Saiyan transformation. His battle with Android 19 of course which is last here on this list. But certainly not least. Well, Android 19 might not be the greatest villain in the franchise… But he served his purpose in his fight against Vegeta. He showed us just how strong the character had become with his Super Saiyan transformation. Not to mention, it showed that The Android Saga is one of the most exciting of all.

But the fight is exciting too. Vegeta taunts Android 19 and pretty much annihilates him. So, the pinnacle of the fight coming when he rips the androids’ arms right off. A must-watch scene for every fan.

Are You A Fan Of Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Let us know in the comment section. Also, feel free to share some of your favorite DBZ fights. We’d love to know all about them.

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