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Another Planet Zoo animal focused post folks. And this time with another list of cool Zoo filled movies. 5 of them in fact, and we at IndieGala couldn’t be happier. Furthermore, I’m also excited about the prospect of writing about animals, zoos and animal preservation. But yeah. I’ve had my fair share of animal-inspired posts. Posts about rhinos. And there’s the most recent post about cats. Check it out here. But last year I also wrote about Planet Zoo and a couple of movies that feature zoos in the plot.

Well, it’s time for a sequel to that particular post, and with a new batch of movies to go along with it.

Planet Zoo Animals
Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo For A Cool Planet Zoo Animals Selection

Indeed. In this particular Planet Zoo animal oriented post, I’m going to focus on a couple of new movies that have a Zoo in the plot. And a couple of old but good ones as well. Oh, and a couple of suggestions from our readers that I didn’t get a chance to throw in the last time. But yeah. All in all, there are 5 cool movies on this list and they’re all zoo-inspired. Regardless if the entire plot is in a zoo. Or they occupy a small portion of it. Zoos are present in all of them.

Are you a Planet Zoo Animal? What’s Planet Zoo All About?

Developed and published by Frontier Developments, Planet Zoo is a construction and management simulation video game. A great simulation game that tasks players with building a zoo, with 73 animal species in the base game. Furthermore, each species has its own requirements and needs that players must satisfy. And through the creation of a suitable exhibit environment and adequate behavioral enrichment. Not to mention, predators can attack and kill other animals. But unlike in Zoo Tycoon, cannot attack guests. However, In addition to animal welfare, the player must deal with managing the park as an institution. This includes hiring staff, constructing guest amenities and staff facilities, performing research, and working towards the conservation of threatened and endangered species.

Of course we have Planet Zoo in our IndieGala catalogue. Check it out here. But we also have plenty of expansions in the Planet Zoo series. Just click here, and pick the best for you.

I mean… Just take a look at some of the Steam user comments about Planet Zoo:

– Absolutely incredible. I cannot describe just how incredible this game is, its stunning graphics and detailed mechanics just give the game an outstanding touch never seen before in any other games. Planet Zoo is definitely ahead of its time with its remarkable next-gen graphics and almost limitless creativity. – mentions RainyWolfin his comment.

– This is my GAME OF THE DECADE. Yes, that is right DECADE! I have now done 1336 hours in just over a year. A year and 2 months. Anyway, great design. The campaign is a great way to learn. But where this game really excels is the workshop. Download someone a blueprint and make it better. Make it yours. Gain ideas. Be inspired. – Adds tigertiger13.

But what about the animal movie selection in this Planet Zoo? Scroll down to find out which movies made cut here.

We Bought A Zoo

A decade-old movie. And a movie that I also included in my previous Zoo post. But I also feel that it’s a much underrated movie that bears repeating. First and foremost, because of the real-life story behind the movie’s plot. And secondly, because of the fine cast, it contains. Matt Damon is in the lead role. And Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Haden Church, Patrick Fugit, Elle Fanning are in the cast as well. We Bought A Zoo is precisely about that. One family’s move into a new house. That just happens to have a zoo on the premise. This is a good movie, and yes. I think it belongs on this list as well.

Fun fact: Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio were considered to play Benjamin Mee.


It’s now time for a fantasy/comedy movie. And a movie with Kevin Hart in the titular role That of Griffin Constantine Keyes – a lead zookeeper. But a very lonely and unlucky in love zookeeper. So the animals at his zoo will team up and help him find love. All in the desperate attempt to make him keep the job that he loves. And it’s what you’d expect from a Kevin Hart movie. It’s cheesy and corny but it’s also a light-hearted comedy at heart. With some adorable talking animals.

Fun fact: Sylvester Stallone plays a lion in this film. Stallone worked as a lion cage cleaner while he was a struggling actor, allegedly getting urinated on by one.

Fierce Creatures

Fierce Creatures is one of our reader’s suggestions. And a damn fine one I might add. But at the same time, it’s a spiritual successor to the 1988 film A Fish Called Wanda. And it has John Cleese in the lead role too. But over here there’s a failing zoo in the center of the plot. And a profit-obsessed cruel tycoon named Rod McCain (Kevin Kline) who’s the brand new owner of that zoo. So, the employees must deal with unreasonable requests and shady deals in the zoo, in order to keep it afloat.

Although not as famous as A Fish Called Wanda. Fierce Creatures is a very good and underrated movie. It belongs on this list too.

Fun fact: John Cleese promoted this movie as “an equal, not a sequel”, to A Fish Called Wanda (1988).

Baby’s Day Out

Another 90’s gem. And one of my favorite I might add. Written by the legendary writer John Hughes, Baby’s Day Out is about one baby’s adventures in the big city. After a wealthy baby gets kidnapped, he manages to escape the captors and roam the city unattended. But my inclusion in the movie is solely about one particularly funny scene at the zoo. The kidnappers will get their fair share of the punishment for their deeds. By none other than the animals in the zoo. It’s a funny and exciting movie so yeah. I just had to include it.

Fun fact: Joe Pantoliano and Anna Thomson also starred in Bad Boys (1995).


How about I end this post with an animated feature-length movie? Madagascar it is then. A movie about a group of zoo animals that break away from their pampered life. And head out to the wilderness to find their true selves. Will they survive and adapt to the new environment? Madagascar is the perfect fit for this list. A family-friendly movie with a great voice cast. And I can include the subsequent sequels here as well, but the original 2005 movie remains the best choice.

It’s a must-watch movie.

Fun fact: At one point, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani were considered for the voice of Gloria the Hippo. Before Jada Pinkett Smith signed on.

Which Movies To Add To This Planet Zoo Animals?

Let us know which movies are also good picks for this particular post. Which ones Planet Zoo animals are your favorites? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about them.

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