We are mind-readers. Therefore we’re so absolutely certain about the question on your mind right now. What is the Indie Warp Zone Bundle? Great question! Seems like you’re in for a very cool update…

What’s the Indie Warp Zone Bundle?

An 11-game indie bundle with a golden lineup of diverse genres for FREE. As much as it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Yet, it is in very limited supply. Only 100 lucky (and fast — just take the quiz!) winners will get access to the Indie Warp Zone Bundle. Still, you’ll probably have fun learning about your gaming personality in the What Kind Of Gamer Are You? quiz. That’s right. Just take the quiz, discover your gaming personality, and find out if you’re a winner.

Take The Quiz for a chance to win the Indie Warp Zone Bundle
Take The Quiz for a chance to win the Indie Warp Zone Bundle!


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Take the quiz now!

It’s finally time for the juicy part! Let’s peep at what that Indie Warp Zone Bundle is packing!

The Indie Warp Zone Bundle’s Lineup (+ Quiz Rules & Guidelines)

First of all, the Indie Warp Zone Bundle is divided into tiers. While there are lots of goodies to win, the real question is: will you win them all? Since there are 4 different tiers ranging from Bronze to Wishmaster (you: 🤨), maybe you’d like us to walk you through them.

The most noteworthy point is that winners of the Wishmaster Tier also win Gold through Bronze prizes. Winners of the Gold Tier also win Silver and Bronze prizes. Winners of the Silver Tier also win the Bronze prize. Consequently, there will be 100 winners! There’s just one (almost irrelevant) exception to this rule but we’ll cover that!

🥉Bronze Tier [95 spots]

  • 10% off IndieGala coupon

Although it’s more important that you find out your gaming personality, it doesn’t hurt to get a 10% off coupon. You can use it for whatever game you want on IndieGala and you can even stack it on top of a current discount. (Check out our Scratchy Spring Sale catalog!) Since we’re giving away 95 of them, the odds are in your favor!

🥈Silver Tier [20 spots]

Take the quiz for a chance to win the Indie Warp Zone Bundle!

In addition to the fun quiz where you find out your gaming personality are these 5 indie gems. These games have gotten less attention than they should. While one can argue that some are fairly new, you’ll still be part of the elite collectors who own them. For free 😏. Furthermore, since you win this tier you also get a 10% off coupon!

🥇Gold Tier [15 spots]

Take the quiz for a chance to win the Indie Warp Zone Bundle!

All sorts of remarkable indie gaming fun! As if the stakes weren’t high enough with the first and second tiers. You know, since there are only 15 spots available for the Gold Tier, you probably shouldn’t still be here. Like, you probably should just go and take the quiz… Due to the fact that you check on what you could win later… The clock is ticking. Just saying.

🎖️Wishmaster Tier [5 spots]

Indie Warp Zone Bundle - Dead Cells

Do you remember the most noteworthy point? Well, the most noteworthy point is that the Wishmaster Tier winners also take them all! Besides from 3 absolutely amazing indies, you also get the Gold & Silver prizes. Here’s where we get to that “almost irrelevant” exception. Wishmaster Tier winners don’t get the Bronze prize. That’s because they get a 25% off IndieGala coupon* instead!

The Indie Warp Zone Bundle awaits…

And there you have it! There are two main reasons why we made this winnable bundle. Firstly, it’s spring, and what better time for some fresh games? Secondly, there are a bunch of cool indie games out there and it’s hard to get your hands on all. So we hope you enjoy! The Indie Warp Zone Bundle will most likely not be the last of its kind. If you’d like to know when we have more quizzes or more bundles, sign up to our newsletter.

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