Ah, the spring, season of rebirth, new beginnings and…discounted games! The second week of the Scratchy Spring Sale has you covered! Have you already checked our store? Well if you haven’t, here are the most important offers that you should not miss.

Spring Sale Crackerjack Deal

Dark souls remastered is on sale on indiegala right now

Let’s start with a one-off offer for what you can call one of the best games of the last decade. Dark Souls is the first spring discount, a title that you’re passionate about, amuses (maybe not really sometimes…) and makes you reflect on the meaning of life.

If you’ve never played the title, shame on you, but you can make up for it by deciding to praise the sun and buy the game at a historical low price. Be quick thou, for the time is ticking and the available keys are quickly running out.

Spring Sale Publishers: Bandai, 2K and much more

Best of Bandai Sale

Do you want to buy epic games at very low prices? Do you want to enjoy hours and hours of gameplay in this lockdown period? What are you waiting for, visit our store during the Scratchy Spring Sale and choose the video game that is right for you. Why scratchy you might ask? It’s easy! Every store purchase will give you one free scratch card containing a mysterious Steam key.

You’ll find numerous games that will meet your expectations like Kerbal Space Program and Ace Combat 7, a game that will immerse you in a movie atmosphere.

Instead, if the Japanese world attracts you, then you can meet your match in the Best Bandai Spring Sale up to 82%. In this selection, there are spectacular games like Code Vein or Dragonball Xenoverse 2.

Code Vein Deal

Hey, if in this period you want something more “spicy“, well, you can also take a look at our selection Adult Only Comic Spring Sale with all titles 35% off.

You’re not satisfied yet? Wow, you’re insatiable, but I bet this selection of discounted 2K games up to 82% will make you smile again!

Finally, don’t forget the Private Division Spring Sale, with alternative games like The Outer Worlds discounted up to 82%.

New bundles for you: find out what they are!

Erotic Energy Bundle

During this spring sale period, you can choose the Visual Legend Bundle! Spend time in a light and carefree way. With this bundle you can get your hands on games like The Way We All Go, Lily of The Valley and Animal Lover.

Alternatively, you can try the Survive Homecoming Bundle, with 6 games that will put a strain on your survival instinct.

The slightly NSFW, highly popular, fan favorite Erotic Energy Bundle also returns after being restocked.

New FREEbies for new joys

Spring Raffle

What do you choose between a spring sale and a freebie? Well, why not both? If you scroll a bit, you can join the big $1000 giveaway on the freebie main page.

However, you can also choose to download games completely free of charge. Among them is Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943 that will catapult you into a fantastic adventure during World War II.

Besides, you can choose something more “soft” with Marble Duel: Sphere-Matching Tactical Fantasy, a perfect game if you want to relax.

If you are vigilant, you might catch the highly coveted Massive Gameplay Giveaway. By beating the challenge you can earn yourself some hard worked Steam keys!

New Blog Articles: Increase your gamer knowledge!

Plus, you can choose to deepen your knowledge about the world of video games and movies! Don’t miss our recommendations on Space Movies, Mars Movies, to Giant Mech Movies & Great Leaders Movies. Alternatively, you can test your knowledge with the GalaQuiz.

Maybe you want to discover more anthropomorphic mice, like in Ghost of A Tale. Or maybe you are interested about our opinion of Dying Light or Bioshock Infinite. Don’t worry, more are awesome articles on their way. In the meantime you can enjoy reading these interesting insights!

That’s all for this week, I hope you will find what’s right for you during this spring sale and enjoy an amazing game!

Stay Inside, Stay Safe and Enjoy Good Games.

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