Capcom Deals in the Scratchy Spring Sale

New CAPCOM Deals but the Crackerjack is a riot

Over 30 new CAPCOM deals join the Scratchy Spring Sale today. But the BANDAI NAMCO deals that went live yesterday are still going strong. Most noteworthy is the Tales of Berseria Crackerjack that blossomed this morning.

Tales of Berseria Crackerjack Deal

Tales Of Berseria is an epic JRPG that gamers love for its emotional storytelling and fun combat system. It’s available at a season low of 70% off. In addition, buyers get a free copy of Die Young as well as a bonus scratchcard. This is a one-of-a-kind deal that ends in less than 48 hours so grab it now! Did we mention the extra 15% off if you pay with Razer zGold?

The Hottest CAPCOM Deals of the Day

Capcom Deals - Devil May Cry

There’s a cool collection of Devil May Cry titles including the special editions for 3 & 4. There’s nothing like a little hack ‘n’ slash action to flex your gaming muscles. Furthermore, grab the special editions at the same time and get the Razer zGold benefit.

Speaking of hack ‘n’ slash, one of our favorite CAPCOM deals is STRIDER. STRIDER takes you into a side-scrolling action adventure as a ninja. Fans of Ninja Gaiden (the original 1988 NES version) and Mark of the Ninja will find a lot to enjoy in STRIDER. It lists at $14.99 on Steam but you can get it now on IndieGala at 70% off.

CAPCOM Deals - Mega Man Legacy Collection

Not sure about you, but there’s something that makes spring always feel like a retro season. We like these CAPCOM deals because there’s plenty of old-school to choose from. Mega Man Legacy Collection packs the original 6 Mega Man games with all its 8-bit coziness. It’s a steal at 60% off. In addition, you can also pick up the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. This completes the Legacy Collection with another 4 Mega Man titles. Grab both of them and you can score a free copy of Die Young (and 15% off with Razer zGold).

Beyond our CAPCOM deals…

Visit the IndieGala store to check out all the other CAPCOM deals and more. And make sure you don’t miss any of the yummy stuff from BANDAI NAMCO. That includes the DARK SOULS: Prepare To Die Edition giveaway that is still open. Be sure to check back tomorrow for the latest news on cheap PC games!

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