2 PC Racing Games in a Giveaway!

Cheap PC games are good but free is just phenomenal! And usually you need to be fast to catch them. That’s why we’re giving you the heads up on 2 awesome PC racing games that are taking a quick pitstop on IndieGala! Here’s the scoop.

PC Racing Games Giveaway #1 – Redout: Enhanced Edition

PC Racing Games Giveaway #1 - Redout: Enhanced Edition

Just hear it from the critics.

“Redout delivers excitement I haven’t felt since Nintendo released the last great F-Zero title over a decade ago. I don’t know if it’s the best racer I’ve ever played, but it’s almost certainly the most exhilarating, and earns its place among the very games it takes inspiration from.”
9.5 / 10 – Game Critics

“Fast, hard and really impressive, Redout is a perfect heir to the greatest arcade racing games. A delightful challenge that will test your skills and it will cause your adrenaline to overflow.”
9 / 10 – Meristation

“We are looking at an AG Racer whose quality level is outstanding”
8.9 / 10 – Everyeye

Redout: Enhanced Edition is actually currently available in the Scratchy Spring Sale at 66% off. Still if you’re in the market for some PC racing games, you should definitely throw some GalaSilver at this one!

PC Racing Games Giveaway #2 – Project CARS 2

PC Racing Games Giveaway #2 - Project CARS 2

Of lots of the popular PC racing games, Project CARS 2’s recommended hardware specs can be rather taxing. We know that probably not everybody’s got an Intel i7 6700k with 16GB RAM. Even yet, it’s more than a bargain if you can get it for free. And the critics also only have nice things to say about it.

“Ultimately, then, Project Cars 2 is not a racer in which you ever feel compelled to simply go through the motions. It’s a game that centres you firmly as an active participant. It’s a game that makes you want to be a racer, and that might just be the best compliment that can be bestowed upon a representative of this genre.”
9 / 10 – PCGamesN

“Project Cars 2 is by far the most realistic racing simulator on the market but it still doesn’t make itself accessible for newcomers and casual players. It also fights with a terrible enemy AI and some questionable choices in the career mode. Besides that Racing Game Fans will get a solid sequel to the already convincing Project Cars.”
8.2 / 10 – Cerealkillerz

We’ve got loads more giveaways going on right now! And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps a free bundle might!

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