In the last few weeks, the news of the Indiana Jones Bethesda game has shaken the internet. Hundreds of people, fans of the saga, and nerds were thrilled by this news. I can say that I too was pleased with this announcement. Of course, until now we have seen too little, just a teaser trailer of the game. Did you miss it? Well, you can watch it here now:

It’s not very clear, is it? Regardless, today with this article I want to do something. Let’s try to fly with the imagination and see what awaits us in this new game. Are you ready? Then continue reading!

Indiana Jones Bethesda Game: an uncharted adventure?

Doubts about new Indiana Jones Bethesda game

Yes I know, I made a bad pun with the heading. Shame on me. Anyway, the first thing I expect from this game is that it’s a linear adventure. Yeah, I want to play a game that takes you from an A point to a B point, doing several tasks in the meantime. Want to better understand what I mean? Well, I hope this game is not an open-world!

Why? Let me explain my reasons. First of all, I don’t trust Bethesda. Believe me, Fallout 76 is still an open wound. However, I think open-world Bethesda games are always full of mistakes and lack content. So, it’s better to have a closed and error-free sandbox, rather than a big but bug-rich map game.

Second, Machine Games is the team that will develop the new Indiana Jones Bethesda game. Have you never heard of this team of developers? Well, I must say they did a nice job with the Wolfenstein saga. The chapters of this saga are valid and funny. Of course, they are not masterpieces, but I remember that they entertained me for several hours. However, these are FPS games, not open-world games. This is another reason that leads me to hope for a sandbox game.

The last reason is personal. I think I no longer want to see an immersive open-world for years after that game. Yes, thank you CP 2077.

First or Third person?

First or third person Indiana Jones
“Why not both?”

From this point of view, I think a third-person game is the best possible solution. In the past, we had games like Tomb Raider or Uncharted with characters very similar to Indiana Jones. All these titles are in the third person and have given us unforgettable experiences.

Moreover, I really hope that in this new Indiana Jones Bethesda game there will be riddles and puzzles to solve. I mean, it’s not Indiana Jones if there are no ancient mysteries! In my opinion, with a third-person view, it’s better to pay attention to your surroundings and try to find a solution to an enigma. Hey, a loyal Lara Croft follower is talking to you, so I know what I’m saying!

Besides, I think the first-person view is good with shooter games. The games where you have to shoot, run and hide are perfect to play in POV. Exactly, just like Bioshock Infinite. However, Indy rarely used weapons, only a simple whip. If the world’s most famous archaeologist had used a sword it would have been interesting to play a Ghostrunner-like game, but come on, he mainly uses a whip!

What about the story?

Indiana Jones plot
Please not like this

That’s another sore point I want to expand on. I have to admit, the last Indiana Jones movie didn’t get me excited. Compared to the classic trilogy, “The Kingdom of Crystal Skull” was half a disappointment. I found it too banal and very focused on the character played by Shia Labeouf. This made me realize that a story can be weak if it is badly written, even if there is a pop icon like Indiana Jones.

Well, on one hand, I am scared. On the other, Bethesda assured that there will be a completely new story. This is partly comforting to me. In most cases, Bethesda has always come up with good plots, often including interesting side quests.

Regardless, there are still too few details to get an idea of the plot. Sure, in the teaser trailer of the game you notice a map of Italy. This could be an exciting clue. Italy is a country rich in monuments, legends, and mysteries. Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice, Milan: there are many cities with a fascinating history! If they work with an excellent graphics engine, the game could be wonderful from the point of view of the setting.

Then, I remind you that one of the best games ever is set in Italy, yes, I’m talking about you Assassin’s Creed 2. Ultimately, we have to wait for more details on the plot and maybe then imagine further implications.

Indiana Jones Bethesda game: what do you think about it?

Now you know what my impressions are about the next Indiana Jones game. But now enough about my thoughts. I want to know your opinions about it.

What do you think of the game? Will it be a title to try? Or do you think the good Todd Howard will also ruin Indiana Jones?

Don’t act like Indiana Jones when he’s face to face with snakes, stand up and share your thoughts with our community!

And of course, while waiting for more info on the game, you may try the classic Indiana Jones games from LucasArts/LEGO or some of the Bethesda games.

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