Garfield Movie Review

All right now. The Garfield Movie Review is next. And yes, I’m talking about the 2004 motion picture adaptation of the iconic comic book strip. Garfield is an iconic character, and yes. He’s one of my favorite comic book characters of all time.

But it’s not the first time I’ve written about Garfield before. Well, at least not at IndieGala. Just last summer, I got to write about the obscure versions of Garfield that exist. And yes, among those I mentioned the crazy story of how Bill Murray got to voice the orange cat. It sounds crazy and unbelievable, but it totally is legit.

Garfield Movie Review

Why The Garfield Movie Review?

Well, it seems like a logical step after exploring the many obscure and weird versions of Garfield. And if need a reminder, check it out here. Moreover, I thought that a normal and rather down-to-earth review is in order now. So, that’s why the review of the 2004 movie came to be. Furthermore, I’ll leave the sequel for a different post, and focus on the 2004 movie instead. Sounds good? We thought so too.

Garfield Kart For The Garfield Movie Review?

That’s right. Garfield Kart took us to the Garfield Movie Review. And we at IndieGala are thrilled because of that. First and foremost because Garfield Kart is a freebie game. And it’s just waiting for you to enjoy it. But second of all, Garfield Kart is a fantastic game that deserves a lot more love.

Developed by Artefacts Studios and published by Microids, Garfield Kart is a fun driving game. Furthermore, it allows you to Join Garfield and his friends. In what you might ask? Well, in the funniest fast and fur-ious game! Garfield, Odie, Jon, Nermal are at your disposal to pick and choose… So, when you choose, you get to have so much fun! Take part in no-holds-barred crazy races, and enjoy.

I mean here are some of the Steam user comments about Garfield Cart:

Very fun game, just won my first race as well. Took a while but I did it!

While Izabel adds: Seriously good. I cannot recommend this game enough. it doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult. This game is absolutely wonderful. whether you’re playing as Garfield or choose to play as one of his cohort of friends, like John, lasagna, the dog Odie lasagna, or the other characters it’s really fun.

Garfield Movie Review
Garfield and Jon

But What About The Movie?

Is Garfield The Movie any good? Well, I think it is. And I also think that it doesn’t deserve (even now) all the bad reviews that it got. Back then. Yes, I’ve been defending Garfield as a wholesome, fun and entertaining movie for almost 15 years. And I’m yet to do it again. Don’t get me wrong. I’m aware that it has flaws. And several plot holes. But for the most part, is a really decent movie.

And Garfield is about… Garfield. A lazy, fat, arrogant, orange cat that spends his days eating lasagna, napping, watching TV. Oh and annoying Jon (Breckin Meyer) and the local Doberman Luca. But once Jon brings Odie into the house, things will get a bit crazy for everyone. Especially when Odie winds up in the clutches of the washed-up and evil TV host, Happy Chapman (Steven Tobolowsky). The new and unfortunate event will put Garfield’s schmoozing abilities to the test. And of course, there will be new adjustments in the Arbuckle household.

Garfield and Odie

Great Cast In Garfield!

The story of getting Bill Murray in the role of Garfield is legendary by now. But there’s no denying that it worked here. Why? Well because Murray is fantastic in the voice acting department. He truly is. His sarcasm really shines in his voice, and so does his efforts to stay true to the character. Murray delivers the goods here, and it shows. But I must say, the other voice actors are not too shabby too. I especially loved Brad Garrett as Luca and Alan Cumming as Persnikitty.

Steven Tobolowsky Steals Every Scene

Don’t you worry. I’ll get to him in a second. But from the other real-life actors, Breckin is fairly decent as the clueless and lonely Jon. Not perfect, because he’s a very likable actor. And he shouldn’t be, since Jon is anything but likable. And yes. I’ll be the first to admit. They could have made him more clueless. But hey. I’ve been a fan of his since Clueless (that Clueless) and yes. I liked him here too. However, I’m not a fan of the dog choice for Odie. Nor I’m too happy about the decision to make him into a tricks-type of dog. A real dog I might add.

Garfield Movie Review
Happy and Odie

Ah, Steven Tobolowsky! How great is he as Happy Chapman? Amazing indeed. And much of the humor (human humor) comes from him. Sure Garfield is great, but Happy is a fantastic source of humor too. And you can really tell that he relished this role as well. He’s sleazy and evil with the right amount of desperation. I love it.

Decent CGI And Direction?

Ah yes. The CGI. Look, it’s not too bad for 2004, I have to say. Although it’s not exceptionally good, I’m still bummed out why Odie wasn’t a CGI character too. The dynamic of the characters would have been different, and fairly similar to the one in the comic book strip. Not to mention, the look of Odie would have been a lot more on pair with the comic book version. But oh well. But overall, the direction is just fine. Sure things could have been better, but for what it is… It’s fine. Enough to make me enjoy the movie. As I mentioned, I know that the movie lacks so many things. And I wanted more of the comic book strip content in the script. But for what it is, it’s decent. And enjoyable. Even 15 years after the premiere.

What’s Your Garfield Movie Review?

Seriously? What’s your review of Garfield- the movie? Are you a fan? Or is it a hard pass for you? Let us know in the comment section. We’d love to know all about it.

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