Dark Souls remastered

Dark Souls is one of the most important games from the Japanese software house From Software. It won a lot of awards and it’s generally recognized as one of the best games of the past decade.

The game manages to mix different elements like a high level of challenge, wonderful graphics (think about stages like Anor Londo or The Duke’s Archives) and unforgettable music. Regardless, today I’d like to point out that Dark Souls is a game that can help you make a fabulous journey inside your personality.

Well, let’s take a closer look at the game from this point of view.

Dark Souls: choose your path undead!

What’s the story in Dark Souls? Well, some casual gamers have never been able to find it. However, there is a very interesting story in the game, and only those thirsting for truth can reveal it. Dark Souls manages to bring you slowly into a dark world, where you can see that lies cover almost anything.

We are the “chosen undead” who can overcome a plague that has afflicted humanity for too long and put an end to a cycle of pain and despair, or so the serpent Frampt paints it us. Only if we can grasp the details and descriptions of the various objects and make the right moves, will we be able to discover that our path is false. We’re just undead puppets who grow up, do incredible things, but will eventually burn in an eternal flame.

Don’t tell me that reminds you of anything, does it?

Where does the game end and reality begin?

Personally, I love the plot of Dark Souls and the emotions that it can convey to you on this unique journey. It reminds me of real life, a life full of lies and falsehoods, where truth seems to have become a sort of utopia.

The game delivers this message: our very existence is a cycle destined to repeat itself forever. Despite the “extraordinary souls” that is to say, our achievements in daily life, we should always end our journey in one way, giving way to those who will come after us.

Too pessimistic perhaps? Well, in my opinion, it is only a matter of being realistic. Moreover, this vision of life urges us to do different things every day, appreciating those little things that are in the background.

We could not reach a happy ending, it’s true, but we would still have made a great “run” as it were, worthy of the best gamer!

Why don’t you try it?

At this point, why don’t you try putting yourself out there and experience the effect Dark Souls can have on you? I would be curious to find out what you think and maybe deepen some of the issues dealt within this topic.

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