Civilization VI Game

The Civilization VI Game is next. The Civilization series has been going strong since 1991. That’s three decades of entertainment, turn-based strategy fun, and of course history. And although it’s been 5 years since the release of the Civilization VI Game… The game remains one of the beacons in 2K’s arsenal. The history is there, and so is the legacy.

Explore The World With Civilization VI Game

Some call the Civilization VI Game a transformative step forward in the entire series. And those people would be right to do so. But in essence, what you get to do here? You get to settle cities, develop tiles, train military units, wage turn-based warfare, and conduct diplomacy. Just like any good leader, emperor or general would do. However, there are a few changes in Civ VI that some fans find a bit challenging to overcome.

Civilization VI Game

Compared to the previous 5 installments in the series. In this particular installment for instance the maps are a lot smaller. Secondly, you will engage in warfare much earlier in the game. And also, there are no automated workers, which for some makes sense. There’s this thing called religious victory, and if you’re a stickler for these things… You can’t really rename a city. That’s the historic accuracy that puts so much value into this game.

But out of the positive things that the game does have… We’d point out the great graphics and the fantastic soundtrack. Not to mention the many beautiful (and not so beautiful) scenarios you can find yourself immersed in. Oh, and there’s the actual historic background to every single of those scenarios. If you’re into history, then you’ll love this game even more. It’s fun, challenging too. But you’ll find yourself indulging in it for 10 hours straight and you wouldn’t notice that 10 hours have passed.

The Civilization VI Game, with its expansions, is available for purchase here at IndieGala. Just click here and enjoy.

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