Are you a science fiction lover? Then you should try Everspace! This game is the perfect mix between Star Wars Battlefront and Colony Wars. Well, if you remember Colony Wars, you’re my friend no matter what!

Regardless, Everspace manages to have its own “soul” combining spectacular gameplay and stunning graphics. Here’s everything you need to know about the game!

Through deep space

Everspace game

Everspace is a roguelike. This means that the setting you face can change every time you start the game. Exactly, just like Fallback, a game I tried on a few months ago. The purpose of the game is very simple: you will have to go from one point to the other of the map driving your spaceship. You will cross several portals that each time will make you arrive in a new area to explore.

However, you’ll never know what’s on the other side. Not surprisingly, the unknown factor is one of the things that struck me most about this title developed by Rockfish Games. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a meteor storm and aim for your pilot skills to survive. Other times, you may find space pirates ready to kill you, but you’ll have to be quick to defend yourself or escape.

You can play in the first or third person, believe me, it is exciting to spend several hours with this title. Honestly, I think it’s one of the best games dedicated to space exploration with your spaceship.

Everspace: customize and upgrade your ship

Upgrade your ship

Another strength of the game is the customization of the spaceship. You can create your vehicle customize different aspects. In fact, by exploring the game areas, you will be able to find new projects and materials that you will need to install the changes. Little by little, your spaceship will take shape.

Besides, as you advance in the game you will earn credits that you can spend to further upgrade your spacecraft. Plus, compared to other roguelikes, when you lose in the game, (trust me, you will lose many times) you will not drop credits or equipment. This makes gameplay less frustrating. To tell the truth, I have to say that it makes the game exciting, every time you do the game over you can think: “Ok, this time I’m more equipped, I can face the next area”. The level of challenge is very high, but the game is suitable for any type of player.

A phenomenal graphics

Everspace graphics

In this Everspace review, I also want to appreciate the graphics of the game. Believe me, some areas are amazing, the graphics are just breathtaking. Space travel will excite you, surprise you, and amaze you every time.

Also, the gameplay is smooth, you won’t notice slowdowns, problems, or anything else. If you want a taste of the technical section of the videogame, here is the trailer!

Buy Everspace at a special price

If you want to buy the game you can find it in our store. There are several versions of the game, such as the Deluxe Edition or the Encounters expansion. These editions will make the gaming experience incredibly complete. If you have already tried this title, leave a comment, and express your opinion!

Are you a worthy spaceship pilot? Prove it with Everspace!

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