Fallback: Uprising

Fallback: Uprising is a roguelike and I could start this review by saying that I do not love games of this genre. Roguelikes are those titles where if you die, you lose everything you’ve accumulated, and well, you have to start over. Not exciting, is it?

However, Fallback: Uprising is the exception that proves the rule. I tried it for about 15 hours, I can confirm that it is a well-done game, exciting and fun. Of course, it’s not a perfect game, but its flaws take second place to its many strengths.

Follow me in this review and find out everything you need to know about this game developed by Endroad and published by Microids.

Fallback: Uprising, what’s the game about?

Fallback story

First, I want to make a little hint at the plot. Fallback is a sci-fi game, which presents a story that some might know, and yet it still manages to be interesting. After an environmental disaster, humanity was forced to take refuge in the underground. During the years of underground life, humans created robots and mechanical beings to be helped in the construction of gigantic metropolises.

However, suddenly, humans discover a plant, a kind of hope that can be able to heal the world above and return men to the sunlight. Regardless, robots realize that and they don’t want humans to abandon them. For this reason, they decide to trap the human race, going to war against their creators.

It will be up to you, Bearer of the Plant, to cross the Fallback underworld, to kill machines, and to give hope to men all over the world.

That’s right, the story takes up the scheme of men versus machines, a common theme in Cyberpunk movies and videogames. The premise is therefore fascinating and reminded me of a book by Philip K. Dick that I want to recommend: The Penultimate Truth. Maybe, let me know in the comments if you also found similarities with the story of Fallback in other sci-fi works!

Reflexes, timing, and speed

Combat system and gameplay

Now I want to talk about the gameplay of Fallback: Uprising. If you are an expert in roguelike videogames, then you will be comfortable with this game. At first, it will be difficult, but as you progress in your adventure it will become easier.

And if you’ve never tried such a game? Then you will experience the pains of hell. Even the weakest enemy will give you a hard time and you will have to die many times before you understand how to eliminate robots without suffering damage. Believe me, I felt it on my skin, I lost count of how many times I had to die before I finished a level.

If you want my advice, don’t look for a frontal fight. Many times you can use the “Parry” dodging attacks at the right time and also managing to cause small damage to opponents. I don’t deny that sometimes I even ran away from some fights, but hey, don’t call me a coward!

The game usually gives you the chance to escape from combat unless you come across traps organized by those evil machines. Honestly, I enjoyed the difficulty level of the game. Of course, it can be frustrating, but if you love the challenge you can get passionate about this combat system made of reflexes, timing, and speed.

The importance of the game camera

Map and camera

Another aspect that I appreciated and that I consider fundamental for the gameplay, is the game camera. Being a 2.5D game you can only move left or right, without exploring freely. However, as you move, you will have arrows that will show you different ways you can go. This will allow you to explore the intricate game map, made up of shortcuts, secret rooms, and traps. Once again, I remind you to pay attention to the damn traps (I think I’m crazy because of them).

Every time you decide which direction to take, the camera will suddenly move, showing you a new path. Until then you won’t be able to see around the corners. In my opinion, this is an interesting aspect for two reasons.

The first is that you cannot know what awaits you on your path and invites you to stay alert. The second concerns the constant movement of the camera, fluid, and precise that fully involves you in the atmosphere of the game.

Yes, the developers made a great work.

Fallback: Uprising, classes, and upgrades

Fallback: Uprising classes

In Fallback: Uprising, you can choose different classes to play with. Every time you die, you can decide to start with a specific character. As in the best RPGs, each class will have its special features and unique abilities that will allow you to take advantage of certain aspects. I, however, played most of the time with the classic Bearer of the Plant and made him the hero of the Men’s Revolution. Yeah, I got into this game.

Of course, the class you will use the most will also be the strongest. This is because you can take advantage of the upgrades that are in the game. There are two types of upgrades. Some are similar to power-ups typical of roguelike videogames. That means you can use them for as long as you’re alive. Once you die, well, they disappear along with your hopes of completing the level. Then there are upgrades that you collect and store, unlocking features present in a “tree of skills“.

The latter is not very easy to achieve, as you will have to conquer several “modules“. You can do so by freeing your human friends scattered on the game map or by killing the strongest enemies. Ultimately, to get all the upgrades, my advice is only one: explore, explore, and explore!

Fallback: Uprising and small flaws

Fallback: Uprising has minor flaws. For example, I did not like the total absence of dialogue. I understand that this game is about action, but why not let the characters talk? All you can hear are incomprehensible sounds and verses.

Plus, in my opinion, the soundtrack could have been improved. Such a game needs fast-paced music that gives you rhythm and instead, I was slightly disappointed. But that is just my opinion.

Anyway, these are little things that won’t stop you from enjoying the game.

Will you be able to Fallback?

If you love difficult and competitive games, you should give Fallback: Uprising a chance. Besides, the developers have recently released an important major update that gives the game even more content.

At such a low price, you should not miss the opportunity to play such a compelling title.

All humanity is counting on you, hero, may the depths be with you!

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