Resilience is a word that fits the infected hunters. They are perseverant and will not back down from hunting you down. Cut off one of their arms, they’ll use the other one. Blow off their legs, they’ll crawl. No limbs? They’ll bite.

The only sure-fire way to put them down is a bullet through their skull.

If you haven’t read last week’s post featuring cooking, campfires & torches, check it out here.

Dismemberment, Torches & New Locations

Just like scarecrows confuse and frighten birds, fire has similar effects on the infected. Since most of them are nocturnal, their eyesight isn’t accustomed to bright light, making them photosensitive and vulnerable.

With a few strategically placed torches and barricades, you may hinder the advance of hordes, daze their senses and make them easy targets for elimination.

Hunting With Bow and Arrow, Cooking & Crafted Tools

As mentioned in our previous devlog, we have added a few new survival mechanics into the game in order to make the immersion and gameplay experience even better. In this week’s development video, we will demo hunting, crafting, cooking & water purifying.

Starting a fire around your camp using torches and campfires can repel unwanted visitors, and also allow you to cook food and purify water. Tools such as the hatchet, chainsaw, and axe, are some of the go-to tools for collecting wood. You may even craft your own tools, when push comes to shove.

During rainy days/nights, you will be unable to create fire in the open so be sure to keep an eye on the weather when planning excursions.

Furthermore, animals can be hunted to provide you resources such as furs and meat. Small game can be hunted with the craftable bow and arrows, meaning you will always have the opportunity to replenish your food supply if needed.

Community Highlight: Gasps & Frights

This week’s spotlight is going to Zahait’s review of the Open Alpha version of Vorax. We have heard a few gasps in the video and it’s hard to say that we weren’t happy with the reactions. How long do you think he’s able to last? Come find out in this video.

Belated Happy Holidays From IndieGala

Though the world of Vorax is very bleak, you can still find a way to get into the Christmas spirit. In light of collecting firewood, the logs in Vorax can be collected just like people collect Christmas Yule logs. While only a brief comfort in an otherwise gloomy atmosphere, it’s still a little Christmas-like touch.

We want to wish the wonderful Vorax community a Happy New Year. The support from our community has been fantastic, and we are excited to continue bringing even more exciting content to Vorax as we move into 2023. Thank you all.

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