Hello Mercenaries, we are still hard at work but we did want to update you about a few things here and there. While we highlighted in the past the process of wood gathering and barricade building, and since we are still adding more potential constructions and contraptions for all survivors to craft and erect, there is one vital aspect that connects these.

If you haven’t read last week’s post featuring cooking, campfires & torches, check it out here.

Stockpile Management

Bullets and shells aren’t always easily available. Using a more direct approach can be one way to clear your future safe house.

And one predominant material for many of the available constructions is wood. Luckily, where there is a forest, there is also an abundance of trees. With the right tools, tons of logs can be gathered and planks procured.

However, one wouldn’t expect to simply carry such heavy haul in their back pocket all the time, nor just abandon it in the wilderness where it may get forgotten or wet. Moisture makes using wood difficult. What is the solution?

Storage! Being organized is a must, and stockpiling your materials for later use in special racks, while a rudimentary form of management, can be essential for efficiency or emergencies.

Marksmanship & Accuracy

You are a trained mercenary. You have spent hours and hours in the shooting range training, forging your skills, improving your aim, refining your reflexes, building an unperturbed focus, commitment and sheer will.

Breathe steadily, concentrate, identify the target, bring it in your sight, squeeze the trigger and eliminate the threat. Sounds simple? All of these actions are natural for the seasoned marksman…but even the best soldier can freeze when faced with unspeakable horrors.

When hordes of infected are chasing you every bullet will count, ever second reloading is be a second you are vulnerable and exposed. Remember: aim for the head…if there is one.

Community Highlight: Freaky Gameplay

This week’s spotlight is going to be WIRED GAMING’s first part of his Open Alpha Vorax gameplay series. His tactical play and analytic commentary was really insightful. We appreciated his investment in the worldbuilding and the story behind the game. And the balanced seriousness with the lightheartedness was truly a breath of fresh air. Make sure you do not miss the subsequent parts of this gameplay.

Next Week?

We’ll see…remain focused and vigilant at all times!

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