How many times have you seen a movie and said: “Wow, this character deserves a video game!”. Well, it happens to me every time I see a John Wick movie.

Really, I love the character played masterfully by Keanu Reeves and I hope that one day some software house will decide to give us gamers a worthy videogame chapter.

But why am I convinced that a video game about this anti-hero could be a success? Here, let me explain the reasons behind this opinion of mine!

Reason One: Because He’s John Wick!

Hey, he's John Wick!

Not much to say, John Wick is a wonderful character! With few words, lethal, silent, the perfect assassin: who would not want to dress as Baba Yaga.

It would be nice to see a system that would allow you to customize your character, developing what skills are based on your way of playing. Want to play stealth? Then develop skills that allow you not to be seen. Instead, improve your hand-to-hand techniques to wage war against enemies and decimate them even with a pencil!

It might be cool to have a system like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or something like that.

Reason Two: really well written secondary characters

Winston, enemy or friend?
The diabolical Winston

In addition to the action scenes, what I love about John Wick are the secondary characters. For example, there’s Winston, the director of the Continental Hotel in New York, calculating and ambiguous to the last.

The Bowery King help John Wick...we will see him in the fourth chapter?
He’s not Morpheus anymore, he’s the Bowery King!

Also, there is Aurelio, a car dealer who could provide us with a personalized vehicle in the game with which to explore the world of play or the “Bowery King” a mysterious character at the head of a horde of vagrants.

Without taking into account the enemies, the bosses belonging to the “High Table” or the group of Adjudicator. I mean, it could turn out to be a crazy game world, worthy of the best masterpieces in the industry.

Reason Three: the plot of the game

All the films dedicated to this character have something different than the classic action movies. In every episode of the saga there is an exciting story, not too articulated, that drags you from beginning to end.

Maybe the game could get used even before the 3 episodes of the film series and make us deepen the past of the man called “The Ghost“.

Really exciting, isn’t it?

What kind of game would that be?

As you can see, there are hundreds of possibilities to play a game starring the deadly assassin. A brilliant option would be to create an open-world game that gives maximum freedom to the player.

Regardless, I think even a TPS with frenetic action and dozens of enemies to kill can be a great game. To be clear, I wouldn’t mind a Max Payne-style game.

There is however John Wick Hex. It is fast-paced, action-oriented strategy game that makes you think and strike like John Wick, the professional hitman of the critically acclaimed film franchise.

How can you satisfy the desire for a John Wick game?

For now, a game like this only remains a dream. However, there are similar titles that you can play right now. For example, you can wear the shoes of a cold-blooded killer with Hitman – Game of The Year Edition.

If you want to unleash a hail of bullets on your opponents, well, you can choose “Hatred“, taking advantage of its 75% discount price. Finally, for a nice TPS with exceptional graphics and interesting history you can bet on Resident Evil 3, available at an extremely affordable price.

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