Mad games tycoon

Mad Games Tycoon is a management game that struck me from the first moment. This is a title that will make you become a game developer. Do you think it’s easy to develop a game and launch it bug-free?

Well, after trying this game, maybe you’ll think twice before criticizing the most famous developers (yes, CD Projekt, this is for you, “blink”). Regardless, here are the main features of Mad Games Tycoon in my review!

Starting from zero

“Naughty Chicken”, yeah sure, I know what you mean

With this game, you will have to be able to create a masterpiece of the gaming world. You will initially have a small garage and inside it all the devices that you need to start the development. Believe me, it will be interesting to expand all aspects of the project, from the genre of the game to the main functions. Can you create a great software house from scratch?

At first glance, you may think this game is boring. It’s not like that at all! There are numerous variables to control, with dynamics that can evolve at any moment. Also, if you’re a tech geek, you’ll enjoy choosing which development consoles to use. There are some real “superstars” of the sector, such as the Commodore 64.

In a short time, you will find yourself completely involved in the game. The more famous you become in the game, the more difficult it will be: can you avoid crunch time? Besides, during my gameplay, I realized an aspect that I want to share with you. If you want to get off on the right foot, invest in the “research” factor. Trust me, this is what you need to succeed.

Mad Games Tycoon: a crazy technical level?


I want to be honest, the technical level of the game is not exceptional. The developers worked with a tight budget, that’s obvious. Besides, even the sound effects are not excellent, not on the level of other games like Ori and The Blind Forest.

However, I appreciated the work of the developers of Eggcode. Mad Games Tycoon is a genuine project, an original idea carried out with passion and commitment. That’s enough for me to turn a blind eye to technical imperfections, and I think it might satisfy you, too.

Do you want to try this game?

If you love simulation games where you have to manage things in the best way, just like Cities Skyline, I recommend this game. You can take a look at the trailer below to see what awaits you.

Plus, remember that you can get it at a special price in our store, you can also save if you use cryptocurrencies to place the order.

Are you ready to be the new Todd Howard (heh)? Then test yourself with Mad Games Tycoon!

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