Vorax Dev Update 9

Hello Mercenaries, we just brought a major update to the current build, and today we’ll give you a small, but explosive taste of what it contains and what is yet to come.

We want to make sure everyone gets to enjoy the Vorax experience, that is why with the newest version (0.4) several tweaks and optimizations were made.

Besides some bug fixes and quality of life updates, the overall experience is now improved! The game will run smoother on a wider array of hardware, including not only the high-end, but also the mid and low-end hardware.

If you haven’t read last week’s post featuring cooking, campfires & torches, check it out here.

Indomitable Tenacity

The infected are more resistant than before. While a common infection would only weaken an individual…this is nothing close to normal. The virus mutates not just the body of the specimens, making them stronger and nimbler, but also their will, it becomes ironclad.

Their personality (or what’s left of it) becomes twisted and feral. Even without limbs, the infected are of an indomitable tenacity. They will not stop, they will struggle and go through great efforts just to get close to you.

Always keep an appropriate distance.

Explosive Tripwire Trap

While we touched in the past on one type of explosive traps, which functioned more like mines, today we cover a different type.

A tripwire trap is composed of a rope stretched close to the ground, working an explosion when disturbed. Its purpose is to detect, hinder, damage or prevent intruders or animals entering an area.

A clever, yet rudimentary contraption that serves a vital function when defending the perimeter from intruders or when luring disruptors to their downfall.

Explosive Tripwire Bomb Trap
Explosive Tripwire Bomb Trap

Craft the perfect trap with the ideal positioning, be patient and watch them blow up to smithereens.

Community Highlight: Silent but deadly

This week’s spotlight is going to MAZAVS. Just pure, unaltered gameplay, filled with exploration and combat.

Is this all?

No, of course, we have a lot more in the works. Inventory has been improved, new areas unlocked, secret caves to explore, new models, new things to construct and…the fear effect. Find out more next week!

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