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Hello Mercenaries, I am Steven and I’m part of the Vorax development team. We’ll be returning to your favorite safe house in an adrenaline filled montage and explore a bit the importance of focus in a short snippet.

If you haven’t read last week’s post featuring cooking, campfires & torches, check it out here.

Clearing the safe house

Bullets and shells aren’t always easily available. Using a more direct approach can be one way to clear your future safe house.

Using axes, hatches, chainsaws, hammers, any blunt or sharp object available is advisable in order to clear the way and secure the perimeter.

Just like King Leonidas and the Greek army had successfully fought in the narrow pass at the battle of Thermopylae, so can you use the tight corridors and the elevation in your advantage.

When you are in a numerical disadvantage, you must always pick your fights wisely. The infected may use underhanded methods to swarm you and surround you, so you must be always on your guard.


The light of the torches may be mesmerizing, hypnotizing even, but don’t get too distracted.

Always stay vigilant about your surroundings, one short moment of inattention can be your last. Rely on your senses, sight and hearing especially, and always react fast to any potential threats.

Community Highlight: First Impressions

This week’s spotlight is going to Rugrat’s first gameplay of the Open Alpha version of Vorax. First impressions are important, and we are glad that this Australian mate gave us a chance. Come find out what he thinks and what his experience was in this video.

Wood you check this out?

Next week you will not get board since we’ll focus a bit more on wood management. Nothing that scary, so that you’ll be able to sleep like a log. Too many wood puns? You saw that coming.

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