Crypto Film Review

The Crypto Movie Review is next folks. And since I had a blast writing about Startup in my Crypto TV review, I thought to give the Crypto sale another try. This time from a cinematic perspective, rather than a TV perspective. And for that reason I chose Crypto. A 2019 movie that involves, crime, cryptocurrency and a some good actors.

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Crypto Movie Review

Crypto For The Crypto Movie Review

Well, it seems fitting don’t you think? A movie about Cryptocurrency to promote a Cryptocurrency Sale? We thought so too. However, in this particular movie, Cryptocurrency is just a thread that weaves plenty of other topics. More on them later. However, I should start this post (or dare I say review) with the basic plot. And here in Crypto, we have Martin “Marty” Duran (Beau Knapp).

A young hotshot analyst for Omnicorp who will get a demotion at the start of the movie. The CEO was going for a dismissal, but a colleague in the bank will save young Marty’s ass. Why you might ask? Well, he reported a client for violating the anti-money laundering rules, and the client bailed. Understandably, his bosses are pissed, despite doing the „right“ thing. So, instead of getting fired, he’ll get a lifeline help if you will. And a transfer to a branch in his hometown bank, which he accepts reluctantly. However, going back to his hometown will prove to be a bigger problem. What he’ll find there will be the biggest shock of his career. And his life for that matter.

Crypto Movie Review

Crypto Movie Review: Solid Cast In A Rather Mediocre Movie?

I would argue that it is the case, yes. But I would argue that we need a lot more of Kurt Russel in any project. Let alone in a motion picture. He’s just too good and it’s honestly heartbreaking to see him in this extremely limited role. I really wanted a lot more of Kurt and Luke Hemsworth. Kurt Russel makes everything better. Regardless if he’s playing a baddie, a hero, or a down to earth farmer. Beau Knapp takes the lead here, but I’m sorry to say he doesn’t have the talent, nor the charisma to pull a role like this. Don’t get me wrong, he’s fairly decent, here. But also wooden and uninspired at times, which is a throw off at times. But yeah. The lad does try his best.

Crypto Movie Review

Crypto Film Review: A Cinematic Critique Of Gentrification?

I think it is indeed. You see, Cryptocurrency is a theme here for sure. But I also think that the whole movie is a big critique of gentrification. And it’s plaguing the small sleepy towns no doubt. But over here it also comes with the fear of what that gentrification brings with itself. The fear of crime, of money laundering. Not just of losing a community or the old way of life as we know it. We see Marty Sr’s failing potato farm for instance. And at the same time, we see the shady brand new art gallery opening in the small town. And we see a run of the mill liquor store with a Bitcoin ATM machine in it. Very opposing sights, but sights that signal a change is yet to come. Or it’s already here, and it’s up to no good.

Crypto is a movie about changes, and not solely in the common currency. It’s about the shift in the climate in America. And the loss of innocence of one small town.

Cliche Characters And Familiar Plot?

I would argue yes in this Crypto movie review, aside from Katie’s character (Alexis Bledel), the rest of them are familiar and one-dimensional as they come. I was even thrown aback by the cliché in Duran’s family history/dynamic. Yes, there’s resentment, disappointment and slight jealousy between the father/brothers. But there’s no hint of digging deeper on those issues. And yes, the same goes about many of the sub-plots as well. But I guess there’s a somewhat happy ending in Crypto to compensate for all of that?

Crypto Film Review: Crypto Is Decent Yet Forgettable

You won’t remember much about Crypto after you finish it. Heck, I didn’t for this Crypto Movie Review. In all fairness it’s not a bad thing since there are plenty of mediocre and unremarkable movies like this. Moreover, I had to re-watch some parts of the movie, just to remind myself of certain scenes and aspects of the movie. But overall, yes, Crypto is a sub-par movie that will get you to think of some topics. While it will leave you confused about others (namely the Cryptocurrency part of the plot). And yes, I still stand to the fact that it would work so much better if there was another actor in the lead role. Not to mention if Kurt Russel got a bigger and more satisfying role.

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