Pizza Connection 3

Pizza Connection 3 is a game that many have been waiting for. This third chapter contains some exciting features. Trust me, with this game you can get a title that will fascinate new and old fans of the series.

Here is my Pizza Connection 3 review that will show you if this videogame is worth trying out.

Pizza Connection 3: what do you have to do?


Well, the first Pizza Connection was released in the year 1994. In 2001 the second chapter of the saga comes out. About 17 years later, here you can play the third chapter. After all this time, the developers have decided to release another game of the franchise, well, someone must love it, right?

Not surprisingly, there is a large group of fans who adore Pizza Connection. I am among them, I admit. Before analyzing the basic features of Pizza Connection 3, let me explain what you’ll need to do in this game.

Pizza Connection 3 is a complex and articulate management game. You’ll need to manage employee shifts, expand your restaurant empire, and create new recipes that will appeal to customers. In a nutshell, if you love food and games like Cities Skyline, you should try this title.

It’s not like Cooking Mama

Pizza Connection 3 style

One thing that struck me about this game is the absence of Politically Correct. That’s right, a lot of things are gonna be way over the top! They’re gonna make you laugh, I assure you. For example, you can create disgusting pizzas for your customers, mixing ingredients such as insects and crawling animals.

Besides, I was impressed with the possibility of hiring gangsters to do “dirty work”. If you want to create an empire of restaurants, you have to destroy the competition. Yes, sometimes you have to literally do it. This way, you can increase your customers with “alternative methods” instead of spending money on marketing research. Well, now you know what I mean by “no Politically Correct”, don’t you?

Anyway, this is what makes Pizza Connection 3 unique: its crazy and loony features!

Pizza Connection 3: add it to your virtual library

I want to be honest: if you are looking for a difficult and graphically flawless game, this is not the game for you. Regardless, if you want to have fun for hours and turn your brain off, this is the game you have to try.

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Are you ready to create your empire as a pizza maker? Mamma Mia, I hope you can do it!

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