Update 0.7 Preview

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First thing’s first: we will be part of this year’s upcoming Steam Next Fest in less than a month.

And with our participation we will also be bringing a massive new update with a lot of features and additions, about which we will be going into in depth in the following weeks.

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Update 0.7 Preview

What’s The Fuss About Update 0.7 Preview #1

V virus is an obligate intracellular parasite, that is, capable of living and reproducing only inside living cells.

Its multiplication occurs when its structural proteins bind to human genetic material.

However, if after this step, the V virus also comes into contact with cells of other species, it is able to accelerate the multiplication process by up to twenty times, generating human-animal hybrids.

The majority of the island’s mammals, particularly canids, have developed these mutations.

Our drones have detected at least three different types of human-canid hybrid.

Cool human-canid hybrids in Update 0.7 Preview #1

Wolf-like dogman: Large in size but with exceptional agility. Characterized by an elongated muzzle that narrows from the base to the tip but does not end in a point, with erect ears and which has the characteristics of a wolf.

A ravenous and dangerous predator from which it is therefore advisable to keep a distance, it normally patrols the wooded regions of the island always in search of fresh blood.

Update 0.7 Preview

Molossoid Dogman: with a compact, muscular build and a voluminous, brachycephalic skull. He does not appear aggressive unless provoked. From our findings it seems that there is the possibility of taming it.

Greioid Dogman: a shy and elusive animal in itself, it does not attack humans, it does not recognize them as possible prey, but rather as a threat to quickly get away from.

All these breeds are capable of interacting with their surroundings and other NPCs, roam, feed, sleep and perform various actions.

Some of them can be tamed and become Player’s companion.

Dogmen are just some of the mutations you can encounter in Vorax. We’ll tell you about many more in the coming weeks.

Update 0.7 Preview #1: A completely new implementation of artificial intelligence.

The many different classes of enemies that you can encounter in Vorax (human infected hunters, walkers, dog-men, naked infected, Cyclopes etc.), each with its own specific behavior, they all derive from the same base class that we completely redesigned during the months of November and December.

We have completely rewritten both the locomotion part of the characters and their behaviors.

All previous code has been replaced by new logic.

Enemies have now more advanced attack patterns and improved offensive capabilities. Some can also use long ranged attacks, throwing rocks or cans at the player.

Enemies can attack and coordinate as groups. Leading to more complex and elaborate attack formations and tactics. Be prepared to get ambushed.

Enemies have also an improved sense of self-preservation and at times will use evasive maneuvers in order to avoid damage or escape the player, in order to regroup and attack again in the future.

The interactions with the environment have been completely revised, the ragdoll logic has been completely rewritten and made dynamic and new bleeding and dismemberment visual effects have been added.

More to come!

Update 0.7 is in the works, continuously being polished and will be ready and live just in time for the upcoming Steam Next Fest.

We will Update our Demo and open Alpha as well they will receive most of the new software features, apart of course, being strictly limited to 1square kilometer, while full version being huge 10 sq km open world.

There is no full list of bugfixes because we fixed so many of it but feel free to keep

helping us signaling it joining our discord server or in the Steam community hub 😉

Join the nightmare today at https://vorax.indiegala.com/ and get ready to be scared out of your wits. Remember, in Vorax, the horrors are real, and the nightmares are endless.

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