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Vorax: Game is our top topic this month. Why you might ask? Well, because we’ll be presenting Vorax at the 2023 edition of GamesCom. Yup. From August 23rd to August 27th IndieGala will be taking part in GamesCom. Hosted by Cologne, it’s the world’s largest event for computer and video games and Europe’s most comprehensive business platform for the games industry. We’ve been part of GamesCom for over a decade now, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world to be there with all of you.

This year we’ll be presenting Vorax, our latest pride and joy. And yes. We can’t wait to meet you all there and tell you more about it.

What’s Vorax: Game All About You Might Ask?

Developed and published by IndieGala, Vorax is an Open World Survival Horror game. It’s set on a Mediterranean island where a mysterious pathogen has infected the local population. An army battalion is sent to quarantine the population but 48 hours and later all communication with the battalion is lost.

And in Vorax, you are a mercenary sent to investigate. You get to craft tools, build barricades, fences, and traps as well as find, and upgrade. And of course, maintain your shelter to survive as you uncover the dark origins of the virus. Not to mention, the horrible mutating effects it has on its hosts.

How long can you survive on the island against the voracious creatures that hunt you?

Vorax The Game is due to be released in the Q1 of 2024. But until then don’t miss out on some of the cool and scary updates about it. Make sure to follow Vorax’s progress on the official page, of IndieGala’s blog… And on Steam as well.

Vorax: Game And Some Cool Jump Scare Scenes

We debated long and hard about whether to stick to survival horror games on this list. Or to be more open-minded in our pursuit of the best jump scare scenes. So, after careful consideration, we landed on an eclectic mix of jump scenes that are scary as they’re iconic. Most of the games featured on this list are available for purchase here at IndieGala, and yes. You know what to do in case the game that’s featured on this list is not available for purchase. Just visit IndieGala, and we’re certain that you will find some other amazing game, bundle, or DLC. We have them all.

So, without further ado…

Bioshock- Beware Of The Dentist!

Who knew that dentists are so terrifying even in the post-apocalyptic wasteland? Well, they are in Bioshock, and this deranged dentist is no exception. As it’s not bad enough that you’re in a room with smoke, junk, and a corpse… There’s a homicidal dentist that’s trying to kill you there as well. He will succeed if you’re not careful, but yeah. That jump scene is scary enough to earn its way on the list. Did it scare the bejeezus out of you? We think so.

Bioshock is available for purchase here at IndieGala.

Fatal Frame: Beware Of The Broken Neck Lady!

The Fatal Frame game is amazing. It’s one of our best-sellers here at IndieGala. And for good reason. It’s tense, scary, and with fantastic gameplay. But one scene really stands out. The first appearance of the Broken Neck Lady. Her horrifying design also implies how she’s died. However, in battle, Broken Neck is aggressive and will not hesitate to attack. Like some of the other ghosts, she’s randomly encountered throughout the nights. She appears to like popping in front of the camera out of nowhere. Yes. She deserves a spot on this list.

Fatal Frame is available for purchase here at IndieGala.

Here’s a fun fact: Broken Neck was voted by Japanese fans in a 2023 Poll as the eighth scariest enemy in the series. Not too shabby right?

Resident Evil: The Dog From The Window!

Now, this may not be the first jump scare in video game history, but it’s definitely one of the first jump scare scenes that are amazing. You’re walking down a hallway, and then there’s a bang. A terrifying dog jumps through a glass window and starts chasing you. And as if that’s not scary enough, there’s another one to chase you down that hallway. Yup, a second mutant mutt breaks through and delivers a one-two punch of fear to your mind.

Plenty of Resident Evil games are of course, available for purchase here at IndieGala.

Batman: Arkham Knight – A Man-Bat Fit for the Batman

The Man-Bat is actually Kirk Langstrom. A gifted scientist who was diagnosed with a rare condition that caused chronic deafness. Yes, Dr. Kirk Langstrom went to extreme lengths to develop a cure for his plight. However, splicing his DNA with that of a vampire bat transformed Kirk into a hideous monstrosity known as Man-Bat. And once you meet him (in that ominous jump-scare scene) you won’t be able to forget him. His rampage in Gotham ends with Batman of course, but this remains one of the scariest scenes in the entire game.

We don’t really have Arkham Knight, but we do have plenty of other Batman games to choose from. Including Lego Batman. Check them out here.

Until Dawn – The ghost is scaaary!

Oh yes, she is.

Last, but certainly not least. There’s no shortage of scary jump scenes in Until Down, but the one with the ghost is top teer scary. In fact, we’re willing to bet the encounter with “the ghost” scared more Until Dawn players than any other moment. Although, it is also possible that this ghost is just a hallucination of Josh. However, the game has a cunning way to make you relax for a moment, and take your guard down… To make you think… There’s nothing scary here. And then… Wham. Ghosts that will make you jump from your seat. No wonder we had to include this jump scare on the list.

But tell us.

Are You Hyped About Vorax: Game?

We sure are. And we can’t wait to tell you more about it at GamesCom. Will you join us there?

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