Vorax The Game

All right now. We’re all about Vorax The Game. Yes. Our Vorax. Our latest pride and joy. And if you feel we’re beaming with pride about Vorax this month… Well, there’s a good reason for it. Several in fact. First and foremost the game development is progressing nicely – thank you very much. You can catch up on all of the updates regarding Vorax on the official webpage. And on Steam as well. We’re happy to share all of the latest news and updates with you.

Speaking of… IndieGala will be attending the latest edition of GamesCom yet again. From August 23rd to August 27th IndieGala will be presenting its latest project Vorax in Cologne, Germany. We’ve been participating in GamesCom for over a decade now, and we’re excited to meet you there again.

Vorax The Game

Vorax The Game: What’s It All About?

Well, as we mentioned Vorax The Game (or simply Vorax) is an upcoming survival horror game that’s going to be developed and published by IndieGala. As a small indie studio, we’re proud to announce such a fantastic project for the fans of survival horror. And what’s the game all about you might ask?

VORAX is an Open World Survival Horror game set on a Mediterranean island where a mysterious pathogen has infected the local population.

An army battalion is sent to quarantine the population but 48 hours later all communication with the battalion is lost. What was supposed to be a simple mission quickly turns into a fight for survival as your helicopter crashes. Thus, stranding you on the island, alone. You are a mercenary sent to investigate. Craft tools, build barricades, fences, and traps as well as find, upgrade, and maintain your shelter to survive as you uncover the dark origins of the virus, and the horrible mutating effects it has on its hosts.

Vorax The Game

Low on food, and equipped with only a small survival kit, you’ll need to craft tools, build barricades, fences, and traps as well as find, upgrade, and maintain your shelter to survive as you uncover the dark origins of the virus, and the horrible mutating effects it has on its hosts.

Do you have what it takes to survive the voracious creatures that hunt you?

Vorax The Game is due to be released in the Q1 of 2024. But until then don’t miss out on some of the cool and scary updates about it. Make sure to follow Vorax’s progress on the official page, of IndieGala’s blog… And on social media as well.

Vorax The Game

Vorax The Game And Some Scary Moments In Horror Games

Our Vorax Open Alpha Ready to Play is finally here. You can gain access to a 10 times bigger map (10 square kilometers), vehicles, new weapons, and zones. We are talking about new weapons, an expanded map, new enemies and a whole lot more. The exclusive open alpha opportunity is for the most loyal fans.  Oh and we have a brand new Confessions trailer, and you can check it out here as well. You’re welcome.

Now, since Vorax is a survival horror game (and an open-world survival horror game too) we debated whether or not to focus solely on survival horror games here. But since that would imply narrowing things down, we figured hey? Why not mix things up? All right. Here are our 5 picks for the scariest moments in horror games… EVER. These are in no particular order, so… enjoy.

Fallout 3- The Deathclaw Sanctuary

Oh boy. We’re starting strong with this one.  If you’re a fan of the Fallout series (and especially Fallout 3) then you know that this is one of the scariest locations in the game. It’s located between Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel and broadcast tower KB5. It’s essentially a cave maze that may turn back upon itself with some areas that can be climbed upon as a shortcut. You can find multiple body piles and at least one pool of blood there. Oh, and the twisting tunnels and large obstructions are hazardous for sure. But it is the residents that make this one of the most dangerous places in the Capital Wasteland.

Fallout 3 is available for purchase here at IndieGala.

F.E.A.R. – Climbing The Ladder

Who knew that climbing a ladder can be such a frightening experience? Well, if you’ve played F.E.A.R. you know. But it’s not the climb itself that’s scary, it’s who you meet while you’re climbing it. Yes, it’s Alma (the creepy child) and she will take any opportunity to scare the crap out of you. Over and over… Again and again. It’s a classic case of never letting your guard down in a horror game. Even right after the scares have taken place. So yeah. We had to include it.

F.E.A.R 2 and 3. are available for purchase here at IndieGala.

Silent Hill 3: The Mirror Room

What do you do when you establish that your game protagonist (Heather Mason) is afraid of mirrors? You put her in a room with the most terrifying mirror out there. Yes, the mirror is in a storage room in Brookhaven Hospital and takes up an entire wall. Because the door locks behind you, all you can do is watch as vine-like trails of blood creep across the floor and walls. Not to mention the nearby basin starts to bleed. However, the blood in the reflection and the blood in the room soon start to act very differently. It’s a simple, yet scary scene that still sends chills down the fans’ spines. Much like the game itself, it’s not for the faint of heart, but we had to include this scene here on the list.

We don’t carry Silent Hill 3 but we do have Silent Hill: Homecoming available for purchase here at IndieGala.

Silent Hill 2: Meet Pyramid Head

Yes. We first got a glimpse of the horrifying Pyramid Head back in Silent Hill 2. And the game has not been the same since. He made its first appearance in the 2001 sequel and has been infamous since. His appearance is just as disturbing as his behavior. We even see him sexually assaulting two mannequins there. But yeah. That first introduction is unforgettable. Scarry but unforgettable. Fans of the game know that he’s a manifestation of James Sunderland’s guilt and desire for punishment. Existing to keep him human and help him remember his past actions. And if you go further in the psychoanalysis… The mannequins seem to symbolize how James viewed the other women (after the death of his wife). As walking sexual objects.

We don’t carry Silent Hill 3 but we do have Silent Hill: Homecoming available for purchase here at IndieGala.

P.T. – Seeing Lisa In The Hallway

Of all the people out there who know horror, we can safely assume that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro know a thing or two. Sadly there’s a wasted potential in this Silent Hills P.T. as it will never see the day. But out of the scare jumps and messed up characters that you can see in this P.T. Lisa is one of the scariest. She was murdered with a rifle by her husband, shot in the right eye and the stomach while pregnant.

A message in the game implies he regretted murdering her as he claimed there was a “monster” inside of him, and he sought forgiveness from her. She haunts the hallway and at the same time, she can appear and disappear at will. But here’s the thing. You’ll likely see her at different locations too. Not just in the hallway. An ability that makes her terrifying, so we had to include her on this list.

But tell us… Are You Excited About Vorax The Game?

We sure are. But feel free to tell us about the horror video game scene that scared the bejeezus out of you. We’d love to know.

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