Halloween 2023

Vorax is currently on our agenda here at IndieGala. Why? Well, because the game has a brand-new trailer and a brand-new Open Alpha that’s ready to play.

You can check out the trailer here. And about that Open Alpha… Well, it allows you to Gain access to a 10 times bigger map (10 square kilometers), vehicles, new weapons and zones. Find out more here. An updated Steam demo and an updated full build. Also, the exclusive Open Alpha opportunity for the most loyal fans. And yes. That could be you.

Oh, and last but certainly not least piece of news… IndieGala and Vorax will be participating in GamesCom. Yes, for 4 days straight (August 23rd to August 27th) in Cologne, IndieGala will be taking place in the world’s largest event for computer and video games. You can find us in hall 10.1 booth B-093 and hall 02.1 stand A-0007. We can’t wait to meet you there.


And What’s Vorax All About You Might Ask?

Developed and published by IndieGala, Vorax is an Open World Survival Horror game. It’s set on a Mediterranean island where a mysterious pathogen has infected the local population. An army battalion is sent to quarantine the population but 48 hours and later all communication with the battalion is lost.

And in Vorax, you are a mercenary sent to investigate. You get to craft tools, build barricades, fences, and traps as well as find, and upgrade. And of course, maintain your shelter to survive as you uncover the dark origins of the virus. Not to mention, the horrible mutating effects it has on its hosts.


Vorax is due to be released in the Q1 of 2024. But until then don’t miss out on some of the cool and scary updates about it. Make sure to follow Vorax’s progress on the official page, of IndieGala’s page… And on Steam as well.

But… How Brief Is The Brief History Of Survival Horror Games?

Quite brief to be honest.

One might argue that the term „survival horror“ was first used for the original Japanese release of Resident Evil in 1996, Which was influenced by earlier games with a horror theme such as 1989’s Sweet Home and 1992’s Alone in the Dark. And one might be right about that. It’s universally accepted as a starting point for the sub-genre. And yes. The name has been used since then for games with similar gameplay. And it has retroactive applications to earlier titles as well. But the inception of the sub-genre goes beyond the RE franchise. The origins of the survival horror game can be traced back to earlier horror fiction. Archetypes have been linked to the books of H. P. Lovecraft, for instance.

Which include investigative narratives or journeys through the depths. Another early example is the 1982 Atari 2600 game Haunted House. The latter half of the 1980s saw the release of several other horror-themed games. Including Konami’s Castlevania in 1986, and Sega’s Kenseiden and Namco’s Splatterhouse in 1988. However, the game often considered the first true survival horror, due to having the most influence on Resident Evil, was the 1989 release Sweet Home. For the Nintendo Entertainment System of course. See? Everything ties back to RE.


Copycats, Copycats, And More Copycats

The success of Resident Evil in 1996 was responsible for its formula being used as the basis for a wave of successful survival horror games. Many of which were referred to as “Resident Evil clones. Among the Resident Evil clones at the time, several survival horror titles stood out. Such as Clock Tower and Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within for the PlayStation. On the other hand, Konami’s Silent Hill drew heavily from Resident Evil. All the while using real-time 3D environments in contrast to Resident Evil’s pre-rendered graphics. And slowly but surely, many of the Western developers began to return to the survival horror formula. For instance, 2002’s The Thing is a survival horror game as well. Although it is distinct from other titles in the genre due to its emphasis on action.

Transformation Of The Sub-Genre

However, in 2005, Resident Evil 4 attempted to redefine the genre by emphasizing reflexes and precision aiming. And the 2005 release of F.E.A.R. was praised for both its atmospheric tension and fast action. Next, there are independent survival horror games. They also changed the climate and re-defined what survival horror can be, with a fraction of the budget. Of course, we’re talking about the Penumbra series, Nightfall: Escape, Cry of Fear, and Slender: The Eight Pages.

All of them were praised for creating a horrific setting and atmosphere. Without the overuse of violence or gore. But it all comes back to RE. The success of the Resident Evil 2 remake sparked a new trend of relaunching classic survival horror games. As evidenced by the remakes of Dead Space, Alone in the Dark, and Silent Hill 2. It also ignited new interest in horror-centric games with less emphasis on action. Such as The Callisto Protocol and Alan Wake II.

But that leaves us to ponder…

What’s Your Favorite Survival Horror Game? Ours Is Vorax

And Are You Hyped About Vorax? We sure are.

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