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The future of the character

All right now. Let’s get serious. It’s been reported that our very own Superman and bad-ass Witcher, Henry Cavill will be playing Sherlock Holmes in the upcoming mystery film Enola Holmes.

Yup. Enola Homes will focus on the adventures of… You’ve guessed it… Enola Holmes. Sherlock’s younger sister and we here at Indie Gala can’t wait to see it. Stranger Things’s breakout start Millie Bobby Brown is portraying the title character, while Sam Claflin is Mycroft Holmes in the upcoming version. Awesome right? We thought so too.

Enola Holmes has a good cast. It looks promising. The movie has a new spin on the good old characters. And who knows… It may turn out to be a good movie. Time will tell.

Oh, and don’t forget. Guy Ritchie is also prepping Sherlock Holmes 3 (to be released in 2021). Which basically means that we’ll have a couple of years ahead filled with Sherlock themed projects. But, this influx of new Sherlock Holmes themed projects, begs the question.

Sherlock Holmes 2

Why do we still love Sherlock Holmes? He’s definitely not the first fictional detective. But he’s certainly the best known, right? There isn’t a soul on Earth that hasn’t heard about him. But why do we keep bringing him back to life?

Why do we keep making movies, video games and TV shows about him? He’s been portrayed way too many times in the past century or so. You can basically even state that there’s an over-saturation of Sherlock in the media. From the early days of the radio and theater, to TV and the modern cinema as we know it.  

The past cannot be forgotten

And we all have our favorite Sherlock Holmes movie and even Sherlock Holmes actor. I don’t know about you, but for me the list starts from Basil Rathbone. The list of course continues with the greatest Hammer duo Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.  There’s also Frank Langella, Christopher Plummer, Michael Caine, and the great Peter O’Toole. And yes…  

For me, the list ends with Benedict Cumberbatch.

No, I won’t be mentioning Robert Downey JR, although I adore the actor. The movies not so much, but Robert is phenomenal. He’s the sole reason I got hooked on Ally McBeal, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

But what makes Sherlock Holmes such a compelling and unique character? Why do we always turn to him for thrills and mysteries? Well, for one there’s that character I mentioned. He’s a flawed genius.

Sherlock Holmes as an eccentric character

Depending on the adaptation, he’s portrayed with slight variations, but one thing never changes: he’s a high functioning sociopath. He’s also a gifted, eccentric genius. Sherlock has a refined attention to detail and he’s not that friendly. In fact he’s borderline misanthrope.

His distaste for people and his friendship with Watson is one for the books. He’s basically every introvert’s dream, and especially in time of quarantine. A person that stays clear from other people on a daily basis? Yup. That’s Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock and Watson are basically the odd couple of modern literature. He’s yin, the other one is yang. And despite being the polar opposites in almost every way, somehow they manage to work together famously.

Sherlock is also a bohemian. A hedonist who enjoys a vice or two, much like he enjoys playing his violin. Or solving cases for that matter.

Sherlock Holmes 3

Sherlock is someone that all of us wished they could become. To possess a genius level of intellect. To have an eye for detail so incredibly sharp. Oh, and a friend for life that will basically move heaven and earth in order to help.

Sherlock Holmes and video games

I think that those are the key things from this character. Those are the things that make us still like him. Oh, and the mystery solving too.

Can’t forget about that. Sherlock Holmes makes being a detective so easy. Almost effortless. But it’s anything but actually. It’s one of the most difficult, time-consuming, nerve-wrecking yet gratifying jobs out there.

Sherlock Holmes has been depicted in TV, Radio, Movies and of course on stage. He’s been also subject of countless video games, and luckily for you… we have plenty of Sherlock Holmes games to choose from here on Indie Gala.

What better way to spend the isolation than to solve some crime? Just put your intellect to the test, and enjoy our selection.

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