How not to go crazy in isolation

Contagion is next people! I can only imagine that most of you are watching a lot of movies and TV shows. And I can only imagine that large portion of the daily binge repertoire is outbreak related TV shows and movies.

The Walking Dead, Resident Evil, The Crazies (the George Romero version or the remake, doesn’t matter) they’re awesome. Or perhaps some classics like 12 Monkeys or The Andromeda Strain. Movies that are both amazing and terrifying, don’t you think?

But, I can also assume that most of you have seen Contagion too. If you failed to watch it back in 2011 when the movie came out, I can bet that you watched it now during the pandemic lockdown and isolation. And why wouldn’t you? It’s one of the best examples of the „ Life imitates art“ moment and in these troubled times.

And it also serves a dark reminder how fragile we humans are. You know…. to huge threats like contagious and deadly viruses.

Contagion is currently one of the most streamed and aired movies in several different countries. And despite portraying a fictional virus, there’s no denying that it portrays a very realistic simulation to what we’re dealing right now with the Coronavirus.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

Contagion: a lesson for us

Much like the Steven Soderbergh movie, we too will prevail and eventually find a cure for the Coronvirus.

Oh, yes, it’s harsh and dark in tone and in the portrayal of the viral realism surrounding the outbreak. But at the same time it’s very educational in terms of what we need to do in order to survive.

And just what Contagion tough us about dealing with an Outbreak?

Well, for one it showed us that we touch ourselves on average 2000-3000 times a day. That’s mind-blowing to me, but apparently very much true. And when we’re not touching ourselves, we are touching car keys, door knobs, elevator buttons and so much more. Oh, and then we touch our face, which is the perfect way of virus transmission.

The movie also stressed the importance of social isolation in an outbreak scenario. And of course the importance of personal hygiene. Yes, you should definitely wash your hands, use masks and protective gloves. It’s not just fiction.

Contagion and Coronavirus

Contagion also taught us that with a novel virus like the Coronavirus, it might take a while to develop a proper vaccine. It took more than a year after the outbreak in Contagion and it wasn’t given immediately as you remember.

There was a nation –wide lottery that gave away vaccine based on the individual’s birth dates. And although it seemed scary, it was actually a bitter-sweet ending to the entire ordeal.

Contagion was also very realistic with how even the most prepared and educated on the subject got infected and eventually died from the virus. Do you remember Kate Winslet’s character, Erin Mears?

She played an Epidemic Intelligence Service officer, and had more knowledge on the virus (albeit fictional) than 99% of the population. But… sadly succumbed to the disease. This just goes to show how extra alert and super cautious one has to be in order to avoid contamination and eventual infection.

And last but not least, Contagion showed us the ugly side of the humanity as well. Loitering, violence, panic buying and theft were some of the things that the humanity dealt with during the outbreak in this movie. 

Not to mention that in uncertain times like this… there will always be profiteers that prey on our panic and paranoia in order to sell us bogus medicine. Do you remember Jude Law’s character Alan Krumwiede?

Well, there are plenty of real-life charlatans similar to Alan right now. From Alex Jones to every televangelist out there. Selling woodoo magic or some idiotic potion that will instantly cure you from the virus. Yeah… Of course it doesn’t work, so don’t fall for that.

Contagion and remaining positive

But the main takeaway (and message if you will) from Contagion is that we must remain strong, united, calm and collected. And we should let the professionals do their job properly.

The will be end to this crisis and we just have to persevere. Be careful, be mindful and make sure to take care of your health and the health of close to you. Stay strong!

However, if you’re not in the mood of watching some outbreak inspired movie, here’s a wide selection of similar video games you can play. Just browse, pick your favorites and game on!

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