Scratchy Summer Sale

Hear he! Hear he! Our Larry’s Scratchy Summer Sale is here and we couldn’t be happier.

Yes, we know. We have dozens of great sales that we’d love to brag about. Not just the Larry’s Scratchy Summer Sale that’s currently on. There’s the Bandai Sale that’s still going strong as well. You can just click here and see what’s it all about. And of course, there’s the THQ Nordic Sale which is also one of our hot summer sales. You can check it out here. But I’m here about one very special sale. Larry’s Scratchy Summer Sale. Let me tell you more about it.

Scratchy Summer Sale

What’s Our Larry’s Scratchy Summer Sale All About?

First and foremost let me just mention that the sale is all about Leisure Suit Larry and of course it’s all about luck. Which is why we called it Larry’s Scratchy Summer Sale. In it, you can find over 500 games in this sale. But at the same time, you’ll find a bonus scratch card with every cart. And of course hot freebies, suave deals, and gorgeous giveaways. Don’t miss it. Larry is in the mood for a nice time. Are you?

Oh, which reminds me… I already did 2 cool articles about the iconic character. Leisure Suit Larry that is. One was mine (check it out here), while the other was based on the suggestions from one of our readers. You can go back to that particular article here. Enjoy.

Which Movies Go Well In The Larry’s Scratchy Summer Sale?

As always, we’d love to pair one of our games or our sales with a nice collection of movie picks. Well, this article is no exception, and right here we have a cool list of 5 fantastic movies. All of them have themes like jackpot winners, lotto winners, or all-around lucky people. So, which ones made the cut? Scroll down to find out.

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It Could Happen to You

A romance/drama from the mid-’90s. And a pretty good one of that. It Could Happen to You has Nicholas Cage and Bridget Fonda in the lead roles. And it’s inspired by real-life events. Cage plays a NY City cop who splits the winnings of his lottery ticket with a waitress. As I mentioned, the movie was inspired by a real-life event from the ’80s where a man won the lottery based on the help of a waitress in the restaurant he was dining in. He didn’t have enough money for a tip, so they agreed to split the cash prize if we win. So, he picked three numbers, while she picked the rest. And it was enough to win the jackpot. The rest is history of course. This is a truly great movie. It’s heartwarming, funny and it deserves to be here on this list.

Fun fact: The movie marks Emily Deschanel’s debut.

29th Street

Another movie from the ’90s. But this time with Danny Aiello and Anthony La Paglia in the lead roles. It’s about two men with very different levels of luck and good fortune. Besides, it has one of the most feel-good endings of the decade. And at the same time, it’s also one of the underrated Christmas movies you’ll watch. The performances are also top-notch and yes. This is a truly can’t miss blast from the past.

Fun fact: In real life, Frank did not win the lottery. He won the chance to be a finalist for the jackpot but did not win.

Finder’s Fee

Finder’s Fee takes place over the course of a single evening. And much like the previous movies it also has an impressive list of actors. Ryan Reynolds leads the cast, while Matthew Lillard, James Earl Jones and the late Robert Forster follow. And it’s about a morally conflicted man. A man who’ll find a wallet with a winning lottery ticket in it, and won’t know what to do with it. A much like with It Could Happen to You, this is also a movie that’s inspired by real-life events. This is also a cool indie movie and yes. Deserves to be on this list.

Fun fact: In the poster, Ryan Reynolds’s character is clean-shaven but in his scenes, he has a full beard.

Welcome To Me

A movie with the wonderful and talented Kristen Wiig in the lead role. An in it, she’s Alice Kleig. A mentally unstable woman who wins a lotto jackpot. She’s a huge fan of talk shows and will use the money won to set up and produce her own talk show.  Much like her idol- Oprah Winfrey. Welcome to Me is also directed by a woman, and has an impressive list of actors. Besides Kristen of course. Wes Bentley is in it, so are Linda Cardellini,  Joan Cusack and Jennifer Jason Leigh. This is also a great movie. It deals with the modern-day challenges and stigmas of having a mental illness. And yes. Deserves to be here as well.

Fun fact: The actress playing Kristen Wiig’s mother is actually director Shira Piven’s mother.

Lucky Numbers

A movie from the early 2000’s to end this list. And while it’s not the best movie here, it fits the theme of this article perfectly. It’s also inspired by real-life events. The 1980 Pennsylvania Lottery scandal which was a successful plot to rig The Daily Number. A three-digit game of the Pennsylvania Lottery. It has John Travolta and Lisa Kudrow in the leads and it’s also directed by a woman. The late Nora Ephron.

Fun fact: Tim Roth and John Travolta’s second film together, the first one was Pulp Fiction (1994).

Are You A Fan Of Our Larry’s Scratchy Summer Sale?

Let us know which particular game is your favorite from the sale. Share your favorite games with us. Don’t be shy! We’d love to know all about them.

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