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Is there anything better than mixing two projects that are just as brilliant and exciting? For a good cause like Movember? I don’t think so. Projects like Exit Limbo Opening and Fight Club. Yes, please. Indeed, these two have so much in common, but right now I’d like to mention a real pride and joy here at IndieGala. The Exit Limbo Opening video game. Right in time for Movember.

All right now. Let’s get serious for a moment. This is for all the men out there reading this post. While you’re growing your mustaches and beards this month, please don’t forget to look after your health as well. It’s Movember after all. Yes, I know that there’s a raging pandemic right now, but your health is important too. So, go to see a doctor. Make your usual check up (you know…. the one that you’ve been stalling for some time), and make that dentist appointment as well. The one you’ve been dreading for some time. And please seek professional help for your mental health too. Sure, the physical health is important, but so is the mental health. Take care of yourself and game on!

Great Friends Of IndieGala Are Behind Exit Limbo Opening

And yes my wonderful colleges already expressed their opinion on the game. You can find their reviews here and here. One post is an extended review of the game, while the other is a mini-review. They’re both worth your time and attention, and yes, they’re both awesome. But if you’re looking for an interview with the team that’s responsible for Exit Limbo Opening, then you should check out the interview I did a few months ago. The guys behind Virtual Craft Studio are incredible, and it was lovely to hear about their inspirations and motivations.

Exit Limbo Opening

What’s Exit Limbo Opening All About?

Developed by Virtual Craft Studios, and published by our very own IndieGala, Exit Limbo Opening is a nod to the past. With a fantastic anthropomorphic rhino in the middle of the story. A spiritual successor to the cult ’80s and 90’s classic games that we all grew up with. Not to mention it has a non-linear world to explore and fast and relentless action for you to enjoy.

As I previously mentioned, the main character is Mr. Rhino. Or the sole survivor of a train crash, that wakes up in what seems to be a dystopian parallel universe. Oh, and in a nightmarish, infected version of his hometown too. And so begins the opening chapter of his journey in Exit Limbo.

Exit Limbo Opening is a relentless, hard-hitting brawling adventure. Furthermore, it allows you to fight for your life, by literally tearing apart enemy monsters. Exit Limbo pays homage to the old school side-scrolling beat ’em ups and evolves the formula with a spectacular fighting system. Are you up for the challenge? We sure hope so.

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Why Is Fight Club A Perfect Pairing (Especially For Movember)?

Well because both of these projects involve a main character who’s dissatisfied with his life. The unnamed narrator in Fight Club is a bored man that leads a fairly mundane and benign life. He has a crappy job as an automobile recall specialist and spends his days attending various support groups. Not to mention that’s also a man without an ounce of enthusiasm, drive and joy. On top of everything else, he even has a crippling debilitating insomnia, and it’s destroying his health. Yeah, he’s not in a good shape, that’s for sure.

Moreover, the other character is an anthropomorphic rhino (Mr. Rhino) which also has a crappy job that he hates. He suffers from low self-esteem and lots of alienation, and will also find himself in lots of violent fights. Sounds familiar? Can you spot the similarities in both the game and the movie? Good. Now let’s focus on Fight Club. Obviously, I’m going to ignore the first rule of Fight Club, but bare with me, please.

brad pitt you do not talk about fight club GIF

Fight Club Is A God Damn Masterpiece

And I’m not even joking about this. It’s incredible, even now more than 2 decades after the premiere. And yes, I understand that today it’s one of the most misunderstood, even dismissed movies of the ’90s. But let me make myself clear. David Fincher (whom I adore) rarely makes a movie that he doesn’t feel passionate about. Admittedly he did that mistake only once. With Alien 3, and never again. So you can bet your behind that he chose Fight Club carefully, and I for one appreciate that. His meticulous, stylish direction is evident, and so is the vision that he had for this movie. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that it’s not impactful and thought-provoking. I for one, love Fight Club and let me explain why.

Exit Limbo Opening

Fantastic Characters And Great Script

You see, (in my humble opinion) that’s the first thing you notice in Fight Club. The character(s). The unnamed narrator does an impeccable job of immersing you in the story and frankly himself. Yes, through narration, but also with the help of the fantastic partnership between Fincher and screenwriter Jim Uhls. Both the script and the direction from Fincher offer you time to get to know this tragic character. And later on, the others characters as well. Let’s face it. They’re all damaged individuals that you just can’t help but feel for them. And frankly that’s how they’re portrayed. Flawed doesn’t even begin to cover them, but for the sake of being nice, i’ll use that adjective.

And I think that’s the key to the film’s success. Yes, the anti-consumerism and anti-establishment subplots are fine (albeit a bit ironic) but I’ll bet good money that you remember the characters the most. Their lines, their agendas, their personalities and even their outfits. Tyler Durden (yes I’m counting Tyler Durden as a separate character), Marla Singer, even Robert “Bob” Paulson aka bitch tits Bob. You remember them, even now. How could you forget them really?

Fantastic Performances That Stood The Test Of Time

Yes, you can expect fantastic performances from all of Fincher’s movies. I mean the auteur admittedly tortures his actors with 300 takes for each scene, so you just know it’s gonna be good. Indeed Edward Norton is fantastic as the narrator and so is Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden. But I adore Helena Bonham Carter as well, and you’ve guessed it. She’s fantastic as the nihilistic Marla. And yes, she’s probably my favorite character in the entire movie. No, not just because she’s a woman. Because she’s strong-willed, resourceful, unorthodox, bold, edgy and street-smart. And let’s face it. Wacky.

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Fight Club Is A Love Letter To The Lost Generation

Not just the lost generation of men. Of pretty much everyone in the late ’90s. And I’ll be the first to agree that there were a lot of characters similar to the narrator in the late ’90s. Too much for my own taste, but i’ll just name a few here. Ron Livingston’s charter in Office Space, Kevin Spacey’s character in American Beauty and hey… I’ll include Chandler Bing from Friends. Because why not? Middle-aged (or close to middle age) men who seem dissatisfied with their lives. Their love life, career direction and especially their current jobs. And they’re all looking for a way to feel alive. To get out of the boredom, depression and everything else in between. The narrator does that by fighting. And he even creates his split personality character. Tyler Durden- the man that’s everything he isn’t. If this is a spoiler for you then I’m sorry but come on… It’s been like 20+ years, it shouldn’t be!

But you can clearly see the narrator’s repressed state that he doesn’t even blink when his apartment burns down. It’s when he forms the Fight Club, that he starts to feel things again. The pain for sure is a great wake up call, but it’s mostly the adrenaline rush of the fighting itself- that actually does the trick. It gives him a reason to live again. A reason to connect to somebody. It makes him feel like a man again too. Sure, it’s a temporary escape, and frankly, he gets off from the pain. It gets the job done. And let’s face it, it’s also a chance to bond with men that are in a similar position.

Fight Club

Exit Limbo Opening And Fight Club: Projects For The Ages (And Movember)

They really are. One is a timeless classic that speaks to so many alienated, repressed individuals, while the second project is a game that is on its way to becoming a classic. But I’d love to know your impressions. Both on Exit Limbo Opening and Fight Club as well. Do you like them? And if you do, what do you like the most? Don’t be shy. Let us know in the comment section.

Oh, and please take care of your health. Trust us. You’re body and mind will be thanking you.

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